Discussion Rate my setup! Spaceship Control Panel: DIY USB Controller

First of all, sorry if this is the wrong forum subsection, I found this one to be the most "fitting". Since my posting in the Facebook group got an overwhelming response, I thought I'd post my new build to the forums as well. The perfect addition for my ED setup, ready to go for the next Season :)

So I got tired of punching the wrong buttons on my keyboard in hectic situations and wanted a nice button based addition to my control scheme. After searching the internets to no satisfying results I built something myself. Great fun punching those buttons! My very first DIY project including electronics. I'm satisfied although there is room for improvement if you are a perfectionist like me.

I use it alongside a Hotas Warthog Joystick and Throttle, Saitek Flight Pedals and TrackIR.

What do you think of this?


CMDR Prussian
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