Raw engineering materials as mission rewards

The addition of raw engineering materials to mission rewards would help cut out a lot of the griping over grinding in the game.
Material grade offered could be linked to mission ranking, and with the traders even getting lower grades of materials that can be traded up could make for a happier user base.

Edit: These are the element materials such as sulphur, carbon, arsenic, or selenium.
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Hopefully Q4 gets a complete rewrite of how raw materials (elements) are implemented in the game.

  1. redo the percentages to reflect the new classes
  2. add some class-5 raw materials to planet surfaces
  3. add some class-4 and 5 mats to asteroids
  4. fix the inconsistencies between materials list and brokers
  5. add some as mission rewards - and not just for mining missions, as they were for a while
  6. add planetary ring percentages to system maps
  7. explain the hand-waving that makes rhenium common
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