RCT3 rides we need in PC


Im aware we already have a thread about all rides we want to see in PC.
Maybe i have a bit of autism in me, but i never like to "lose" stuff that i already had in previous games. So im going to make a list of (all?) flatrides from RCT3 that i would really want to see return in PC in some form.


It seems like we don't have one of those yet, even tough it's one of the most basic rides you can think of. I really hope we will have one of those in one shape or form.


This is another classic ride that we don't have yet, but i would love to see it added to the game
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I am extremely hopeful that they include older more "classic" rides like this. My parks tell a story and show an evolution from humble beginnings to extremely themed super parks with state of the art rides/coasters. It would be a shame to not have them in PC.
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