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Haha I have just re-watch that old video and I love how they say this feature is great but it turns out it sucks.
Like they are so proud about the terrain editor and the fact that their peeps are really smart...


It sure is good to see all this coming to an end and I don't think I will be nostalgic.
The last paragraph about Nvizzio is probs even funnier
About Nvizzio Creations

Nvizzio Creations is an independent game development company based in Canada, specializing in the production of 3D games through creative design excellence, flawless execution and unparalleled attention to detail. The company is a world-class game development studio and works with some of the most innovative game publishers in the world. It is globally recognized for its unique work philosophy, brilliant teams, and proven expertise at creating amazing games for personal computers, consoles, tablets and mobile platforms.

Well, the latter bolded part might be true, dunno what else they created, but RCTW is probably gonna disprove this expertise again.
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Atari request for photos and where they bought it from strongly hints that none EA physical copies are already packaged and distributed to stores:

This must have been set in motion quite some time ago. Not surprising - but also not really fair to have kept it quiet for so long. Their biggest community supporters have held off believing this could happen.

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And... paid DLC over the coming months is now confirmed. Wow.

DLC = remember what we promised what was going to be in the base game ? YOU NOW HAVE TO PAY FOR IT !
Water rides $ Transport rides $ Anything we can think of $ A solid gold Atari logo $
See we're so much better then those other guys who are offering that stuff at no extra cost...

Ah Atari, you still haven't learned a damn thing after Driv3r Gate did you ?
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I FREAKING CALLED IT... In one of my posts I said November 16 will be release date! THEY ARE NOT SLICK.... THEY ARE ________ (fill in the blank). [haha]
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It's worse than that. The boom arm is from the Huss model. The legs are from the Mondial model. And the number of seats on the gondola match the Zamperla model.

All hail the FrankenFrisbee!

I'd love to see the ride animation. Surely they didn't screw that up too, right?
I mean.... everyone knows these rides don't go upside down, yes?
LOL, it probably will go upside down, that'll be a funny turn out.

But if I had to guess, when it slows down at its peak, it'll probably be really clunky and unsmooth, and the spinning will probably be like their spinning coaster cars from months ago :3

Just in case I miss it, as I'm out tomorrow, can somebody record the stream? I'm afraid if it is bad, it'll end up like that coaster video they showed off that time ;)
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We always knew this was the case, It will be a glorified Mobile Game, the way they have done the campaign, ie Dozens of Missions with Unlockables. Just look at the new screenshots.

They know they cant compete with Planet Coaster as serious sim, they will now hit the low end market, as well as the casual/Kiddie market. They are aiming for lucarative mobile market who won't give a stuff about the PC version.
Technically off topic I guess... but Theme Park Studio have also announced they're launching in November!

And it looks like the RCT touch thing will probably do the same at some point ahead of Christmas.
The one advantage not sure anyone can deny, is RCTW has more content. More flat rides. And to me in a game about management and customization , content is king. Thats something people are bound to point out. And it be crazy for Atari not to mention it.
More content maybe, of far poorer quality though. In a a way I guess that's an advantage they have...for now.
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