RE: Mission Board

Yesterday I wrote about a small station icon and its LS distance from it's Star, change colour if we have a mission on that station.

Today I would like to be able to filter the mission board by

Station / Installation
And only show me current locations of interest, it where a mission is.

The last one we could accomplish by my previous post, with just a quick glance at the screen.
The others are dearly needed, if I want to do a quick courier run and hit 2 stations why can't I just see those on the mission board ?
Was on that last night for a couple of hours, today is a new day I'm half way finished with todays work and taking a well deserved break. We still need to get this game up to par and have it so its more enjoyable to play.
Good ideas - I'd like to see something like has been proposed.

While their at it, I'd like the Galactic Map to be given more filters for searching for systems. Having to go between the different options - state, government, security, economy, etc. - is a real pain in the neck. I should be able to find an Anarchy system in a state of War easily - without having to hover the pointer over the various Anarchy systems looking at its current 'state'!
We do need more of a

1. Save the Princess (Maybe from a pod)
2. Get her to the Rebs (Tourist)
3. Do some running about missions to up Rep (Trader etc)
4. Find some plans (Planet Rescue)
5. Minor Battles (FIGHT)
6. Rescue a despondent researcher (Planet Rescue)
7. Get him back to the Rebs (Tourist)
8. Blow up the Death Star (Mega Ship Fight)

Kind of Vibe for follow on missions.

Now IF I can knock that up in 5 minutes off the top of my head, give me a job FD !
And another thing! It'd be nice to be able to plot routes and select to avoid low security or anarchy systems, too! Thanks.
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