RE: Mission Board

Yesterday I wrote about a small station icon and its LS distance from it's Star, change colour if we have a mission on that station.

Today I would like to be able to filter the mission board by

Station / Installation
And only show me current locations of interest, it where a mission is.

The last one we could accomplish by my previous post, with just a quick glance at the screen.
The others are dearly needed, if I want to do a quick courier run and hit 2 stations why can't I just see those on the mission board ?
Was on that last night for a couple of hours, today is a new day I'm half way finished with todays work and taking a well deserved break. We still need to get this game up to par and have it so its more enjoyable to play.
We do need more of a

1. Save the Princess (Maybe from a pod)
2. Get her to the Rebs (Tourist)
3. Do some running about missions to up Rep (Trader etc)
4. Find some plans (Planet Rescue)
5. Minor Battles (FIGHT)
6. Rescue a despondent researcher (Planet Rescue)
7. Get him back to the Rebs (Tourist)
8. Blow up the Death Star (Mega Ship Fight)

Kind of Vibe for follow on missions.

Now IF I can knock that up in 5 minutes off the top of my head, give me a job FD !
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