News Re-opening of Player-Submitted Community Goals

Will Flanagan

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Hello Commanders,

We're pleased to announce that player-submitted Community Goals are once again open!

As discussed in the livestream a week ago, we're introducing a new system for Commanders to submit their own Community Goals. For those familiar with how the previous system worked, there have been a few revisions to the system this time around.

We hope that with these revisions, we will be able to make the submission of Community Goals more straightforward for you, and allow the Community Goal Devs to more efficiently manage them. It’s worth noting that we’ve updated the rules and terms for player-submitted Community Goals and we encourage you to read about the new process here before submitting a Player Community Goal.

As the previous submission system is now incompatible with the new system, those who had previously sent in Community Goals can resubmit them via the new process (if they were not previously accepted or rejected.)

We’ve also set up a dedicated thread here for any questions or discussions around Player-submitted Community Goals. We’ll do our best to answer any queries you might have.

We look forward to reading and working with you on your Community Goal submissions!



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Hey Will,

As announced, right on time! :)
One thing, we actually can't open the submission link because of this message:
Greetings Nicou, we've run into a conundrum here.
It would appear that you do not have permission to access this page or forum feature currently
Errrr....... Warning, Taking BUG damage....

It would appear that you do not have permission to access this page or forum feature currently. This could be due to one of several reasons as listed below...
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  2. Did you activate your account via email? All new accounts require your email to be validated.
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Above all else, you currently do not have permission to perform the task you've attempted to do currently.
I doubt this would be possible but...

Heyas, was thinking a CG where players help build a "stargate" between the bubble and Colonia would be real noice.


Thanks Cmdr Flanagan..... o7!
'Fraid not!
That's where one submits a CG. I already did that. I wondered if there was a place to view player submitted CGs.
To be honest I don't expect that there is but it would be nice to look over what others had submitted without neccessarily having any opportunity to comment.

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