Re-outfit stations with Emergency FSD drives

So with the current Thargoid incursion into the bubble and whatever other armageddon FDev has planned for the future I have a proposal:
Outfit stations with an Emergency FSD drive.

I am aware that stations such as Orbis and Ocelus are deployed via an FSD at the back, then the FSD is replaced with a Fusion Reactor. I see the need for all stations, from Orbis with rings, to simple little outposts, to be outfitted with FSD drives behind the Reactor (and outpost to be outfitted with a dedicated megaship level reactor) in the event of a mass exodus from the old bubble. This would present new CG opportunities, as well as new colonisation mechanics. With some modifications to the space frame, stations with rings could be easily jumped without suffering from catastrophic failure. Coriolis stations could also be outfitted with the same FSD block at the back. However jumping a regular outpost station would require reassembly, re-arranging the prefab modules linearly along a space frame. While we can now ward off impending Thargoid attacks, any station under the threat of an imminent attack can jump out to an emergency location.
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