Here are 5 tips that will make great progress in the development (customization) of the game.

DIAMOND 1. Create a label to add only animals with 100% in all qualities.
(This will give us satisfaction strive to achieve the perfect genetic) with folded value in the sales market.

2. Impose CEILING for labels. Example:

BRONZE, market value up to 3,000 cc.
SILVER, 3,000 cc of market value up to 5500CC.
GOLD, Market value of 5500 to 8000CC.
DIAMOND, market value 8000 to 10000CC.
(Diamond, animals in all categories 100%).

3. IMPOSE an order requiring born in captivity or added on top, ie at the top of the list.

4. Market link at the ABA 'Burrows Storage' In LOCAL, add quick and easy viewing for all made ads.

5. Put in the Alphabetical List of all animal species on the link in the Exchange Market.
(I have already installed and uninstalled several times and the problem was never solved.) Brazilian Portuguese. Please!


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Your post was in the International Forums but since it is written in English I moved it to the Suggestion Forum so it can be seen by others and the Community Managers.
To your second point, I don't think imposing a minimum cost would be a very good idea. I certainly agree with a maximum, as this would mitigate a number of issues Franchise players frequently face, but if someone wants to throw a gold-medal animal on the market for a low price they should be able to.
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