Realistic behaviors Animals & Visitors for longevity

This is what lacks many tycoon games and this is so important cause with an animal that is close to real life it does not matter if your have little features the exhibit will always be interesting. Cause the animals will do different things on its own and make the viewing interesting. Its like going to a real zoo and watching a bear go about living its life with its needs. If you get bored you can just watch what your animal does and learn what they do differently. This way you can plan your activities around what the animals wants not just have these bars in the UI to get them all up to 100%. They are unpredictable and their moods can change!

They said their going to make realistic behaviours but i hope they can add and improve this for a long time to come so perhaps an animal could simulate 50% what a real one does in real life. I am wanting to see almost a free moving animation so they can choose how they want to react instead of a scripted animation that is predictable. Or if this is not possible then perhaps adding more behavior to each animal will help bring it more to life?

The guess in Planet coaster were boring they too need personality and should randomly do things like you could get a visitor who is so crazy about reptiles that they would just keep looking and asking things about the creature. They don't just come in and walk off but are unpredictable and spontaneous like real people! If these things could get updated through the game life they would never need to be another zoo game again!

Guess should not have bars or stats on them just basic info as the player will need to learn about the individual guess and follow them if they want to understand what that specific visitor likes about the zoo! :)

These are two main things that is needed to make the game go to another level not see before in tycoon games!

Any other improvement on this?

Here is what they have done already

There is also another game trying to do basic simulation of their animals so this is a good thing but up to now no one has the resources to be able to do something big and major.
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