Realistic Guests

It would be great to see realistic guests, here are my ideas:

.Some guests have colds illnesses

.Guests become tired and sit on the side on the path, or when benches come out try and run to it.

.Spill drinks and food

.Some guests who are rude and throw rubbish in the bushes or on the floor, when bins come out

.Lean on lamp posts and walls

.Not walk into scenery and walls, but if accedentily does pushes them self away from the wall or something like that using their hands

.Have personality, like if their having a bad day they will get annoyed at something like the pirate band but gradually become happier from the scenery and rides

.Have people doing vlogs and taking pictures

.Famous people arriving, and some paparazzi and news people coming and people getting excited and taking #selfies and photos off them

.Playing on their *cough cough Pokemon Go cough cough* [big grin]