Really excited for the gyrosphere update! :D

Feature focus #2 has some great surprises in terms of challenge mode, building fixes, and the gyrosphere ride. I am excited to ride on the gyrosphere in the game with better internal camera movement, new gates, and the new audio tracks. :D

I am curious how the audio tracks will work, will it be constant or responsive to the dinosaur encounters in the tour?

Like you see a spinosaurus and you hear: "Spinosaurus: is a genus of large therapod dinosaur. It's distinctive sail was formed of long extensions of vertebrae, connected and covered by skin, and possibly used for thermal regulation and display."

Also, will we be able to switch between gyrospheres during a ride? Currently, when I would go for a gyrosphere ride, I would be automatically assigned to the gyrosphere that is done with the tour and entering the station (which kicks you out). I would like to go between gyropsheres to see from different perspectives and be able to enjoy the tour from the very start.
I'm really excited about the new Gyrosphere gates, it's given me the idea of rebuilding the original Jurassic Park and its safari tour on Isla Nublar (if the park had been successful)!

Although I'm curious to know what the maximum amount of vehicles the Gyrostation can spawn now that we can adjust them, hopefully it will be more than what’s currently in the game (4 gyrospheres per station).
I am really excited as well for that tbh, the update is going to fill out a lot of noticeable missing features I would like to see. Plus, when the update will release, it will give me more zoo tycoon 2 nostalgia than JPOG, which is a plus! Having added customizations in terrain, decor, and advanced gyrosphere would make me excited to see how I could rebuild my parks again. I kinda want to see what the third feature focus is now and if we would get a release date and any possible DLC. This will be the end of first year of support, and the game's first anniversary, so I want to feel all the new changes the game has got since release! Exciting! 🦕
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