Really large landable planets: the list. (MK II)

Gédéon_Lecanard said:
Hey folks, I thought it could be nice to reference the largest (radius wise) landable planets we encountered so far. A top 50 shall be maintained and updated in this post, maybe more later on.

Would you be kind enough to provide one (or more) nice, moody screenshot(s) of your planet, as well as its specs from the system tab, in form of a screenshot too? Pretty much like the post below. If you don't want to/can't land there, just give the specs and name, it's quite alright. You can also give you CMDR ID if you like, so I can pin it to your contribution. Again, not mandatory. It does not matter that you are not the actual discoverer, by the way.

Thanks a bunch!
Greetings Commanders!

As you can tell this is the second version of the original thread. I recently found a huge landable planet and it got me thinking: What's the largest landable planet in the game? So I googled it. Upon searching I found the original thread. I looked through the list and found that while mine wasn't the largest, I was able to take a spot in the top 50! So I took my screenshots and posted to the thread. About a week later I came back and saw that not only had other people posted to the thread, but the OP wasn't getting updated. I looked at the edit date and the thread hadn't been updated since June 2016! I then contacted the OP to ask if I could take over. He told me he wasn't very active nowadays and that he'd be happy if I'd take over. A few PM's later and here we are!

So with that said, I wanted to thank the OP for giving me this oppurtunity as well as give him all credit for coming up with the idea to start this thread in the first place. I am simply taking over to help keep the list updated moving forward.

The system name will take you to the thread post where it was submitted and the EDSM link at the end of the entry will take you to the system's corresponding EDSM page (if it has one.)

The Top 100
01|25,503.96 km|EOL PROU HR-U D3-2494|3|Icy body|CMDR Ishtar Nixx (EDSM: Wolf Fesh)
02|25,202.13 km|WEQAEA TN-K D8-53|1|Icy body|duckofdeath (EDSM: Eahlstan)
03|24,403.61 km|CHROABS TI-S D4-58|4|Icy body|CMDR Raj Matheo (EDSM: Tonke)
04|24,353.34 km|BLU AESCS LQ-X D1-11|2|Icy body|CMDR King-Crimson (EDSM: Fractalverse)
05|24,306.84 km|THUECHO NU-B C15-2|2|Icy body|crnook (EDSM: crnook)
06|24,276.33 km|STOCK 1 SECTOR AQ-X D1-22|1|Icy body|Gallus Domesticus (EDSM: Qitscher)
07|23,605.51 km|OEPHAIDST RU-M D8-709|2|Icy body|CMDR Varonica (EDSM: Varonica)
08|23,525.00 km|GLUDGEIA BD-T C4-5|2|Icy body|CMDR Setterllew
09|23,346.00 km|HYPUAE SCRUA QP-N D7-196|3|Icy body|ick
10|23,310.22 km|FROARSTS CM-M D7-2210|2|Icy body|CMDR chavaplx (EDSM: Fractalverse)
11|23,171.82 km|PHRUA FLYOU CX-I D10-85|3|Icy body|CMDR xtnsgo (EDSM: xtnsgo)
12|22,942.59 km|WHAMBEIA ND-K D8-3559|4|Icy body|CMDR White Zephyr (EDSM: White Zephyr)
13|22,917.67 km|BLEAE AIM FC-C D13-1205|1|Icy body|CMDR Von_Lofixberg (EDSM: Fractalverse)
14|22,818.00 km|HYPUAE SCRUA DI-A D14-821|3|Icy body|CMDR Bond00789lol
15|22,578.40 km|BLAA DRYOOE NY-Q D5-0|3|Icy body|CMDR PEARCY (EDSM: PEARCY)
16|22,509.32 km|IOCKORPS GA-A D92|5|Icy body|CMDR xtnsgo (EDSM: xtnsgo)
17|22,440.19 km|STUENAE KL-X D1-10|1|Rocky Ice world|CMDR xtnsgo (EDSM: xtnsgo)
18|22,197.83 km|AUCOKS UV-K D9-5|1|Icy body|CMDR Shackslam (EDSM: Fractalverse)
19|22,118.00 km|HYPUAE AIN BV-W D2-3|2|Icy body|CMDR JAEKELSON
20|21,994.78 km|EOCH FLYUAE CJ-M C22-374|A 1|Icy body|CMDR PEARCY (EDSM: PEARCY)
21|21,921.30 km|CLOOKIE BV-G D10-11|4|Icy body|CMDR TotallyNotCow (EDSM: Fractalverse)
22|21,596.94 km|EPSILON ORIONIS|AB 2|High metal content world|bitsorm (EDSM: Tom Knight)
23|21,576.26 km|PROOE DRYOU KT-O D7-32|A 7|Icy body|CMDR PEARCY (EDSM: PEARCY)
24|21,533.32 km|BYOOMAI BB-W D2-3451|3|Icy body|CMDR xtnsgo (EDSM: xtnsgo)
25|21,329.72 km|OGAIW EB-A C9|1|Icy body|CMDR Dizzoballs (EDSM: Dziondziak)
26|21,286.58 km|NYEAJAAE XL-D D12-10|B 1|Icy body|Brunn (EDSM: Gwynfor)
27|21,121.19 km|SIFI LC-D D12-7|4|Icy body|CMDR FalconFly (EDSM: FalconFly)
28|21,038.58 km|ELLAW XG-T C17-0|C 1|Icy body|CMDR Zieman (EDSM: Zieman)
29|20,996.55 km|PRUA PHOE EZ-J C24-56|4|Icy body|Nemac (EDSM: Nemac)
30|20,977.31 km|SKAUDE LD-R D5-32|C 1|Icy body|CMDR Stagno Jones (EDSM: Fractalverse)
31|20,935.61 km|TRUECHUIA GY-Z C13-2|A 2|Icy body|CMDR Scoopy Doopy (EDSM: Fractalverse)
32|20,932.00 km|CHRAUFAO FE-H B24-1|A 1|Icy body|CMDR Baked..
33|20,851.73 km|HYADES SECTOR EL-Y D39|A 1|Icy body|777Driver (EDSM: 24stdzocker)
34|20,834.35 km|PRUA PHOE EZ-J C24-56|2|Icy body|Nemac (EDSM: Nemac)
35|20,818.25 km|HYPAO CHRAEI ZO-Z C1|A 1|Icy body|CMDR Wargrum (EDSM: Wargrum)
36|20,815.44 km|OUTOTZ LT-I D9-9|ABC 1|Icy body|CMDR FalconFly (EDSM: FalconFly)
37|20,797.84 km|PYRANAEA XJ-A D57|7|Icy body|CMDR xtnsgo (EDSM: xtnsgo)
38|20,644.77 km|PHIPUE KN-S D4-49|CD 1|Icy body|roboteconomist
39|20,607.14 km|FLYEIA HYPA OZ-R C20-11|5|Icy body|CMDR Varonica (EDSM: Varonica)
40|20,528.95 km|PRU AESCS SX-K C8-21|B 3|Icy body|ColdGlider (EDSM: ColdGlider)
41|20,355.90 km|CHRYSUS|3|Icy body|CMDR FalconFly (EDSM: Marc Ueberall)
42|20,313.60 km|HYADES SECTOR ZU-Y D84|3|Icy body|Edelgard von Rhein (EDSM: vCrausewitz)
43|20,274.18 km|BLAE HYPUE VA-X B57-1|A 2|Icy body|Grebenkov (EDSM: Fractalverse)
44|20,245.85 km|ZUNUAE UO-Z D13-5216|C 1|Icy body|RaptorJesusss (EDSM: RaptorJesusss)
45|20,237.10 km|PRAEA THEIA YJ-D B55-0|C 1|Icy body|CMDR Varonica (EDSM: Varonica)
46|20,230.57 km|EOCH FLYI MY-I D9-274|B 1|Icy body|CMDR Fractalverse (EDSM: Fractalverse)
47|20,228.28 km|VEGNUAE VZ-X D1-829|4|Icy body|Zangief (EDSM: Fractalverse)
48|20,184.83 km|STUEMEOU PO-H D10-3692|AB 4|Icy body|CMDR xtnsgo (EDSM: xtnsgo)
49|20,182.00 km|NGC 6530 SECTOR DW-L B8-2|B 1|Icy body|Jason1972
50|20,180.56 km|BYEIA EURK OL-F C11-27|A 1|Icy body|CMDR Johnny Concrete (EDSM: Fractalverse)
51|20,157.31 km|BLEOU AIRGH UM-S C5-0|A 1|Icy body|CMDR Varonica (EDSM: Varonica)
52|20,147.95 km|PROO DRYIAE JU-M D8-4|A 1|Icy body|CMDR PEARCY (EDSM: PEARCY)
53|20,140.61 km|PHEIA AIN JQ-Y D11|A 4|Icy body|vidslo (EDSM: vidslo)
54|20,130.30 km|EOL PROU BN-A D14-147|BC 1|Icy body|CMDR Vithigar (EDSM: Vithigar)
55|20,128.16 km|PRU AESCS WL-Q B46-9|A 2|Icy body|CMDR Camaxtili
56|20,119.81 km|BLU AIN OI-J D9-1018|C 1|Icy body|CMDR SilverMind (EDSM: Fractalverse)
57|20,115.65 km|BLAA PHOE IL-Y E489|1|Icy body|CMDR Æðelgar (EDSM: Fractalverse)
58|20,111.21 km|FLYEIA HYPA YF-G B43-0|C 1|Icy body|CMDR Varonica (EDSM: Varonica)
59|20,101.38 km|OOCHOSS IY-T C19-1|A 1|Icy body|CMDR Yates (EDSM: Martin Yates)
60|20,090.00 km|NGC 7789 SECTOR UO-N C8-4|C 1|Icy body|HazardousMatt
61|20,084.73 km|PHUA AIHM PA-A D74|A 1|Icy body|CMDR Varonica (EDSM: Varonica)
61|20,084.73 km|PHUA AIHM PA-A D74|A 1|Icy body|CMDR varonica (EDSM: Varonica)
63|20,083.00 km|CLOOMAO EV-A B55-2|A 1|Icy body|Martin Afonso
64|20,064.00 km|EACTAINDS RR-P B5-0|C 1|Icy body|CMDR Edelgard von Rhein
65|20,028.50 km|PRAEA EUQ FA-W B57-2|C 1|Icy body|Chrystoph (EDSM: Chrystoph)
66|20,020.89 km|AISHAIST UP-M C8-1|A 3|Icy body|CMDR Wargrum (EDSM: Wargrum)
67|20,019.60 km|BLEIA DRYIAE FW-J B1-1|D 1|Icy body|Tomaster (EDSM: onerik)
68|20,003.00 km|BLIELEAU JS-K D8-1|C 1|Unknown Planet Class|CMDR Dizzoballs
69|19,990.00 km|SKAUDUAE HQ-W D2-55|B 1|Icy body|scrymn
70|19,984.13 km|ZUNUAE GP-A D4313|5|Icy body|Ebel
71|19,976.57 km|BOEPPY ZE-A G1|A 1|Icy body|CMDR Mikhram (EDSM: Mikhram)
72|19,973.62 km|BLOOE EAEB WR-H D11-25|4|Icy body|CMDR Blink Ensu (EDSM: Fractalverse)
73|19,971.00 km|BOEWNST DM-D D12-104|B 1|Icy body|CMDR MACOY111
74|19,970.74 km|GRAEA HYPUE PZ-Z B29-7|A 2|Icy body|CMDR PEARCY (EDSM: PEARCY)
75|19,955.89 km|DROJEAE HB-G B14-1|AB 1|Icy body|CMDR Rollo Treadway (EDSM: Rollo Treadway)
76|19,948.14 km|SMOOTOAE QY-S D3-66|A 1|Icy body|CMDR PEARCY (EDSM: PEARCY)
77|19,917.02 km|PUPPIS DARK REGION B SECTOR HH-V C2-3|1|Icy body|CMDR varonica (EDSM: Deadcam)
78|19,908.58 km|PUELOE HQ-W C15-86|AB 1|Icy body|CMDR varonica (EDSM: Varonica)
79|19,902.89 km|BLUA EAEC EA-Q C21-455|C 1|Icy body|CMDR Fractalverse (EDSM: Fractalverse)
80|19,887.70 km|EOL PROU NC-V E2-984|C 1|Icy body|CMDR varonica (EDSM: Varonica)
81|19,859.26 km|EORL AUWSY JR-N E6-3588|B 1|Icy body|CMDR Vithigar (EDSM: Vithigar)
82|19,811.01 km|DRYAU BRIAE QK-A C3957|E 1|Icy body|CMDR Fractalverse (EDSM: Fractalverse)
83|19,811.00 km|HIP 91043|C 1|Icy body|Edelgard von Rhein
84|19,805.26 km|DRYAO CHREA OU-D C13-263|AB 1|Icy body|CMDR varonica (EDSM: Varonica)
85|19,783.80 km|SYNEAYOEA DH-Y C0|B 1|Icy body|CMDR Tharrn (EDSM: Tharrn)
86|19,776.01 km|DRYAFOU BI-Q D6-12|C 1|Icy body|CMDR ColdGlider (EDSM: ColdGlider)
87|19,748.36 km|NUEKAU NG-W B3-2|C 1|Icy body|CMDR Wargrum (EDSM: Wargrum)
88|19,745.94 km|PYURKS EA-G B44-2|C 1|Icy body|Rollo Treadway (EDSM: Rollo Treadway)
89|19,736.60 km|GRIA DRYE AJ-B D21|B 3|Icy body|CMDR Eagle131 (EDSM: Hueij)
90|19,711.38 km|THRAIKOE OS-U D2-25|BC 1|Icy body|CMDR varonica (EDSM: Varonica)
91|19,691.06 km|PYRALEA GG-H B57-1|B 1|Icy body|chrisg40k (EDSM: Ericbol0703)
92|19,677.25 km|SUTCHAE RX-L D7-44|AB 1|Icy body|CMDR Varonica (EDSM: Varonica)
93|19,646.70 km|LP 798-44|D 1|Icy body|CMDR varonica (EDSM: Varonica)
94|19,643.03 km|PUEKAO FE-H B52-1|B 1|Icy body|CMDR varonica (EDSM: Varonica)
95|19,626.86 km|EORM CHROA CI-Y C2-4|C 1|Icy body|CMDR Fractalverse (EDSM: Fractalverse)
96|19,591.75 km|DRYAO CHREA IW-V D2-2410|C 1|Icy body|CMDR varonica (EDSM: Varonica)
97|19,587.79 km|PRAI HYPOO KA-E C13|C 1|Icy body|CMDR varonica (EDSM: Varonica)
98|19,587.74 km|PRUA PHOE XU-L B10-0|AB 1|Icy body|CMDR MaDaSp (EDSM: MaDaSp)
99|19,577.25 km|TRAIKEOU EM-X B58-0|A 1|Icy body|Edelgard von Rhein (EDSM: Zippy UK)
100|19,473.44 km|EORM BRIAE BW-D D12-7958|A 1|Icy body|CMDR Varonica (EDSM: Varonica)

The Rest That Almost Made It
101|19,468.97 km|LYAISUA SZ-E C25-3166|B 2|Icy body|CMDR Wargrum (EDSM: Wargrum)
102|19,424.36 km|NYEAJAAE LW-V B34-2|4|Icy body|CMDR Johnny Concrete (EDSM: Fractalverse)
103|19,373.33 km|KYLOALN SI-J C25-4622|A 1|Icy body|CMDR varonica (EDSM: Varonica)
104|19,355.60 km|GREA HYPOOE IN-K B25-1|B 1|Icy body|CMDR ColdGlider (EDSM: ColdGlider)
105|19,349.91 km|DROOTIE KH-A B6-8|B 1|Icy body|CMDR varonica (EDSM: Varonica)
106|19,319.56 km|GRIE BLOAE HO-Z B33-0|D 1|Icy body|CMDR varonica
107|19,256.23 km|SPAIDO XO-Z D13-6|A 1|Icy body|CMDR varonica (EDSM: Varonica)
108|19,221.34 km|PLIO AIM HY-X B16-3|A 1|Icy body|CMDR Lmoy (EDSM: Lmoy)
109|19,203.23 km|SYNUEFE AY-F D12-69|3|Icy body|CMDR Tharrn (EDSM: Tharrn)
110|19,192.56 km|BLEIA DRYIAE LM-L B27-3|A 1|Icy body|CMDR varonica (EDSM: Varonica)
111|19,159.34 km|WREGOE XM-Z C27-10|D 1|Icy body|kailoran (EDSM: kailoran)
112|19,149.12 km|PLAE BRA ZX-S C17-1|B 1|Icy body|CMDR varonica (EDSM: Varonica)
113|19,120.26 km|WHANOA DP-C C14-46|C 1|Icy body|CMDR Varonica (EDSM: Varonica)
114|19,024.40 km|EOL PROU PC-U D3-1096|A 1|Icy body|CMDR varonica (EDSM: Varonica)
115|18,925.96 km|ONGAIHN NE-H C10-385|6|Icy body|CMDR varonica (EDSM: NeilKD)
116|18,907.35 km|GRAEA HYPUE XU-O D6-188|A 1|Icy body|CMDR varonica (EDSM: Varonica)
117|18,884.68 km|EOL PROU XW-V B34-96|A 1|Icy body|CMDR varonica (EDSM: Varonica)
118|18,794.24 km|GRAEA HYPUE PO-F B28-2|A 1|Icy body|CMDR varonica (EDSM: Varonica)
119|18,691.24 km|GRAEA HYPUE SK-N D7-85|A 1|Icy body|CMDR varonica (EDSM: Varonica)
120|18,676.08 km|TRUECHEA NI-K D8-5|AB 1|Icy body|CMDR varonica (EDSM: Varonica)
121|18,641.22 km|BYUA AERB BK-A D8|4|Icy body|CMDR Wargrum (EDSM: Wargrum)
122|18,633.45 km|CYUEFOU YR-A C14-2|BCDE 2|Icy body|CMDR varonica (EDSM: Varonica)
123|18,590.49 km|CLIEWUAE HK-C D14-0|A 1|Icy body|CMDR varonica (EDSM: Varonica)
124|18,534.26 km|MYNOART LO-D B4-1|B 1|Icy body|CMDR varonica (EDSM: Varonica)
125|18,523.46 km|EOCH FLYI MY-I D9-274|A 4|Icy body|CMDR varonica (EDSM: Varonica)
126|18,502.98 km|SYRE THAA RF-D C26-0|B 1|Icy body|CMDR varonica (EDSM: Varonica)
127|18,484.46 km|IORANT ZE-R E4-0|5|Icy body|CMDR varonica (EDSM: Varonica)
128|18,416.32 km|WREGEIA OS-A D1-1|C 1|Icy body|CMDR varonica (EDSM: Varonica)
129|18,411.63 km|PROO PRAO -H D11-4|B 1|Icy body|CMDR varonica (EDSM: Varonica)
130|18,310.57 km||B 1|Icy body|CMDR varonica (EDSM: Varonica)
131|18,216.93 km||BC 1|Icy body|CMDR Fractalverse (EDSM: Fractalverse)
132|18,208.73 km||B 1|Icy body|CMDR varonica (EDSM: Varonica)
133|18,197.74 km||1|Icy body|CMDR varonica (EDSM: Jackie Silver)
134|18,187.73 km||C 1|Icy body|CMDR varonica (EDSM: iamsounoriginal)
135|18,182.40 km||AB 1|Icy body|CMDR Wargrum (EDSM: Wargrum)

The list has been fully updated to include the posts from the previous thread that were never added to the original top 50.

If you do not add your in-game CMDR name to your post I will add your forum name to the discovery. If you are the original poster of any of these planets and your CMDR name is misspelled or incorrect, simply reply to this thread or send me a PM with the CMDR name you'd like me to add and as long as your forum name matches the forum name of the original poster, I will update the list to show your CMDR name next to your discovery.

To Note: As the original post states, it does not matter if you are not the first person to discover this planet. I will still give you the rights to the discovery in this list!

Thanks for looking!

With the help of an amazingly generous friend (he pretty much did all the work) I've met on the Distant Worlds 2 Expedition, I've compiled a Google Sheet of The List along with extra data from EDSM including more accurate radius, Body Type, Volcanism, Galaxy Map coordinates, and a few interesting bits of data. Since not everyone used EDMC or EDD, there is some data missing from a handful of planets. Eventually I plan to visit each of these and grab the data myself.

That being said, from here on out for a submission to make the list you must use a tool like EDMC or EDD and upload the data to EDSM. I highly encourage any and all players to be using one of these tools regardless in order to help The Galactic Mapping Project. Once a submission is made, I will look for it on EDSM and if I find that it hasn't been uploaded to EDSM, I will have to deny its submission.

I apologize if this is too much to ask, but as most of the planets on this list already have data on EDSM, it seems most people use a tool like EDMC or EDD anyways so it really shouldn't be that much of a problem to download a simple program, make an account on EDSM and upload your log data.

Latest and greatest Google Sheet (click the picture to view):
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Here is an example of how to post your discovery.

Simply post a screen shot of the planet info in the system map like so:

To make it a "spoiler" as you see above simply add spoiler tags before and after the image: {SPOILER}{IMG}http:www.your-image-link-goes-here.jpg{/IMG}{/SPOILER}

Just change the {} signs around "IMG" and "/IMG" to [] signs to make this work.

And then if you would like/are able to, post a screenshot of the planet itself from space or on the surface as you choose:

After that just let me know your in-game CMDR name if you'd like it to be next to your discovery in the list.

In my case I'd add to the end of my post:

CMDR fractalverse
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Add this bad boy to the number 5 slot.
I've added you to the list :)

Sorry I thought I had added you when I was straining through the last few pages of the original thread adding the planets that were never added to the list.

Actually when I went to add yours, I realized I messed up a few things. So I meticulously went through each individual link and made sure it matched up to the correct OP and made any corrections or adjustments as necessary.

So now the list is fully up-to-date and operational!

Keep the finds coming guys!
Does the ADS really discover all bodies in a system, even if they were previously undiscovered? Just wondering why some planets in a system are discovered by different people.
Awesome that you took over! :)

I think you forgot the most obvious one - Achenar 3 - The one we all learn on.

Does the ADS really discover all bodies in a system, even if they were previously undiscovered? Just wondering why some planets in a system are discovered by different people.
Yes, but you have to scan the planet by surface scanner (either the built-in one or DSS) to put your name on it.
If some planet is discovered by a different person than the star, it just means the original explorer didn't bother to fly to the planet.
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Does the ADS really discover all bodies in a system, even if they were previously undiscovered? Just wondering why some planets in a system are discovered by different people.
Awesome that you took over! :)

I think you forgot the most obvious one - Achenar 3 - The one we all learn on.

Yes, but you have to scan the planet by surface scanner (either the built-in one or DSS) to put your name on it.
If some planet is discovered by a different person than the star, it just means the original explorer didn't bother to fly to the planet.
It might be better to say that the Discovery Scanners locate bodies. You have to explicitly scan the body (DSS for Lvl 3, default for Lvl 2) in order to actually "discover" it.
Found this one not to long ago. Not the best, but not the worst either :p
I hate to say it CMDR NorthyPark, but unfortunately the planet radius for spot 50 in the list is currently at 19,146 KM so the planet you found with a radius of 17,886 does not make the list.


Your contribution is still appreciated and I hope you find a planet to make the list in the near future! ;)

-CMDR Camaxtili
CMDR Camaxtili, 18th place has your name on it :)
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I recently found 4 huge planets without an atmosphere on my way back from Colonia and, curious, googled and found this list. Joined forum to add to the list (this is my first post).

Planets and Radii:
Dryio Flyuae MX-U E2-148 1: 18,197km
Boewnst XP-W D2-409 B 1: 19,070km

Blaa Phoe IL-Y E489 1: 20,116km
and one more at 19,866km for which, annoyingly, I didn't note the name down (it was first discovered by CMDR Toregos).

Images of the one which makes the list:
Blaa Phoe IL-Y E489 1 A.png
Blaa Phoe IL-Y E489 1 B.png

Images of the one for which I don't have the name:
Toregos' World A.png
Toregos' World B.png

I have images for the other two - but I'm assuming no-one cares, as they don't make the list. :)
I recently found 4 huge planets without an atmosphere on my way back from Colonia and, curious, googled and found this list. Joined forum to add to the list (this is my first post).
Welcome to the forums Æðelgar! And what a great first post! You took 19th place with that find :)
Hi again, well, I found another one!

Preia Phoe IM-D D12-130 B 1, 19,871km

Preia Phoe IM-D D12-130 B 1 B.png

Preia Phoe IM-D D12-130 B 1 A.png

Unlikely to find any more any time soon as I've now finished the long trek back from Colonia...

Also, I did have a good look along my route for Toregos' World, but to no avail. :(

- CMDR Æðelgar
Hi again, well, I found another one!

Unlikely to find any more any time soon as I've now finished the long trek back from Colonia...

Also, I did have a good look along my route for Toregos' World, but to no avail. :(

- CMDR Æðelgar
Welcome back! Nice find! That's too bad you weren't able to find the name of that other planet. Oh well, I'm sure there'll be more to come soon!

It's definitely looking like 20,000km is near the limit for landable planets. I'm wondering how long it'll take for someone to find a planet that'll top the current list :)
Thanks for taking over the thread and to the OP again for starting it all off! o7
Here are a couple I had been holding back on which are still in the top 50 and one I encountered a couple of days ago not far from the bubble (which I was not first discoverer of but it's OK to report?). I assume I got first discovery on the others but I don't think I checked, although both were untagged at the time. Sorry I don't have screenshots of them from orbit - in the case of the largest, this was because I was running non-Horizons at the time.
Hyades Sector ZU-Y d84 3: 20,314 km reported by CMDR Edelgard von Rhein, first discovered by CMDR MASTER CHIEF
Puppis Dark Region B Sector HH-V c2-3 C1: 19,811 km; CMDR Edelgard von Rhein
LP 798-44 A1: 19,577 km; CMDR Edelgard von Rhein
P.S. sorry I can't get the img thing to work. It just never works for me!
EDIT: thanks for the advice, got the img tags to work now!
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