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Ok so something more like this then?

Running the Biweave, I like the module reinforcement to eat up damage while the shields come online. TBH everything else is so built up I dont know what else I would have there
Weapon side looks good, its just that there is stil too many module and I don't think any enemy player would be able to kill a specific module easy with 2 reinforcement.
What you could do on defenses module is switching Fuel scoop to 6A and adding a 7A Shield Cell Bank in the place (Specialized for less heat and more MJ) That way you will survive way longer then having a module reinforcement tbh. May you enjoy your Corvette =)
Also you get a lot of shield strength if you swap 1 termal and 1 kinetic resistant shield booster with heavy duty ones.

Otherwise nice ship, I am sure you'll be able to easy tweak it after you get it and make it. Exploring possibilities and testing things is part of enjoyment when you finally get it and engineer it.
Forgot to say. Best ship in the game. I have just finished engineering the living daylights out of an imperial cutter and to be honest. I'm not so impressed. A wing of 3 gankers recently all had to wake out after intedicting me and my corvette. They only took down one shield with fusilade of burst lasers before their leader got down to 30% hull and decided to go and bother someone else. .
With that build you've shared? I'm impressed. Would love to duel your corvette. Either in my own corvette or in my vulture. Pm me.
With that build you've shared? I'm impressed. Would love to duel your corvette. Either in my own corvette or in my vulture. Pm me.
You think the build is wanting?? You got me hooked. What do you think is wrong with it? Not available for duels right now. Frantically mining for a carrier
I agree, you can probably reach 40ly jump range in an Explore-Vette. So that's not terrible. And if you enjoy the journey that's all that matters. The SC turn rate beats the conda.
Actually from what i gatter if i take the time to do the engenieers gauntlet i can get 41Ly around that with a fully tricked out Vette,
I managed to pull 46ly in a stripped down build to get my Corvette from the bubble to Colonia. That had all the basics of an explo build- DSS, AFMU, the most basic shields, etc. Stick a planetary hangar in it and she'd be good. I'd bet you could manage a solid 42+ with the same optional modules as my 46ly T9.
You think the build is wanting??
To be honest it simply looks like an pure PvE ship and those gankers must have flown paperships. Can't give you details about your ship without a link, but it's shielding is probably lower than 3k mj with horrible resists and the hull looks paper thin for a big ship. Against a wing of three attackers, who are (standard loadout) using mediums and plasmas, I don't see it prevailing, running though is certainly possible. I can give you pointers to improve it if you want, but that's a lot easier with a coriolis link to start with. Just for some rough comparisons my Corvette has resistances of 45% 4,5k hull, a 3k biweave with 55% - 50% - 40%, two SCBs and the dps of the huge hardpoints alone is 120.
Mostly putting this here so i can find it later, but I refined my design from a couple of pages back. Finally back in the bubble and fortifying for LYR so I can get a 300% payout on my exploration data. After that I will finish unlocking engineers and build this!

Any feedback is welcome
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