Reasons to do passenger evacuation missions at attacked stations

I wish we had a reason to perform the passenger rescue missions.

Imagine, we had a week to complete, if we don't get all the passengers off by the time the Thu cycle ends..... the station is either destroyed or requires double the materials to repair.

If we complete and get all the passengers off, then the station goes into repair mode as it currently does.

If we complete is half the time, the required materials to get that station operation is halved.

We will need a count down of time and how many passengers remain in the station.

This will give us an incentive to perform the missions.

Even if you don't want to destroy the station, us the close station blast doors and block access to station for a month before the repair process can commence. We need a penalty of some sort if we just leave people there.

Even offer top 10%, 50% type rewards either in cash, material or data of a choice. Reward goes up as you get higher. This only pays out if all passengers evacuated.
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