Rebel Galaxy Outlaw

If this is the roadmap I can only assume that the game will remain shallow the way it is today without much improvement. Coming from this developer I would not expect anything different. Did he call this a roadmap? There is not much detail to expect from the game in the future.

"We’ll also be customizing certain aspects of the PC version to be more console-friendly ":poop:
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I was pleasantly surprised - I'm more used to ED update schedules so hadn't even checked if there was any patch at all :) Might have to start it up and see if the main mission I was stuck on is any easier now ;)
I am currently on my second playthrough of RGO and can say, that I have some experience under my belt with this game.
The first play-through was on "Veteran", as aiming without aim assists takes a lot of practice in this extremely fast paced game. I used the first run to get used to the flight patterns of the NPC and the controls.
The second play-through is on "Old School" and boy, I had to relearn some things. As you have far less fire opportunities without aim assist, I tend to rely more on Tachyon guns instead of Photon+Auto Cannon. As the Coyote cannot power 6 Tachyons reliably, I currently fly a Dingo. 4 Tachyons and 4 Swarm launchers mop up most battle fields.
This game is pure quick paced fun: Nearly every cut scene can be aborted and you can fly from action to action quite quickly. I did some Elite in between and nearly fell asleep in super cruise, such a difference.
Is RGO shallow, as some have written? Yes, compared to current games and expectation. However, compared to the Privateer of old, the buddy system and respective missions add a lot.
Also, I enjoy following the story, as this game has one to experience. In ED, following the story is a mix of game, Youtube, forums, Galnet ...
In my opinion, there are two ways to experience RGO: 1. fly with aim assist and game pad 2. fly without aim assist and Joystick/HOTAS. One should be aware, that your ship and loadout might need to be different for both.
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