Hardware & Technical Recalibrating my 4K monitor...

I screwed up. I tried to use a DP cable instead of my HDMI cable to see if it was any better. It wasn’t.

When I switched back to HDMI I noticed it had apparently reset my monitor calibration. Before the picture quality was amazing, deep blacks and vivid crisp colors. Now it looks more faded, grayish and drab. I’ve tried to recalibrate it about 15 times but I can’t get the original brilliance back. Are there any outside programs that can help?
The other thing to play with, assuming its an Nvidia card, would be digital vibrance. I use a 65" 4k tv on my desk as a "monitor" and to make it work nicely I've had to get a bit creative with the settings, including.... you guessed it, raising digital vibrance, from 50 to 60.
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