Recessed Windows / doors

Not sure if this has been discussed before, but I thought I'd mention it.

I know the buildings we craft in PlanCo are facades, not real, etc, but it kinda irks me when I'm looking at real buildings for inspiration and I notice that "woah, these buildings have so much more depth to them", purely because the windows / doors generally 'sink in' instead of 'stick out'.

It would be really neat if, when pushing doors / windows into walls, the engine could carve simple geometric representations of the shape into the wall, for nice depth / shadow.

I appreciate this is technically a pretty big headache (especially when considering non-square or multiple objects into a single surface, carving across two walls, etc), but with some caveats I think the tech wizards at Frontier could come up with something....

Just sowing some seeds... you never know! :)
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