Reconnaissance missions.

Back in TIE Fighter and other space-y games, I always enjoyed the reconnaissance missions where you gotta sneak somewhere, scan something, and then get out.

In systems experiencing war or even just rival factions trying to size up their competition, I think it'd be fun to have a mission where you fly in (silent running most likely), scan a group of combatant ships, and then get out. Mission fails if you yourself are scanned, or destroyed. You can get shot at and still succeed, but no scan can complete.

(As a side note, bring back fail on scan smuggling missions!)

This could also be a good use for underused ships such as the DBS and Asp Scout. If their cold running abilities could be heightened further, then they could live up to their namesake and actually be used for reconnaissance/scouting missions. Keeping them relatively weak but able to sneak around better than other ships seems like a good trade off, and open up new gameplay.

I love to play as a smuggler, but unfortunately there are no good smuggling missions anymore. I really like the silent running and sneaky mechanics, sneaking into stations and everything, and I feel like more can be done with it that doesn't require new visual assets.

Thank you for your time!
What are you talking about, we already have these missions. We get missions to scan things from an SRV, even in assassination missions to locate the target. A tiny problem might be that we're unable to do so undetected, we gather fines and bounties and need to fly to an interstellar factor to remove them, being a legally viable target for destruction meanwhile.

On the serious side, this is one of the most underdeveloped side of missions. So much so that I stopped doing them altogether. I support your suggestion very much.
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