[INDEPENDENT] RECRUITMENT: The Orion Chapter is looking for pilots of all skill levels for membership!

The Orion Chapter is a group of misfit pilots which were left to their own devices after many of their fellow pilots retired.
The Chapter was formed as an independent organization to carry on trading, bounty hunting and exploring the Black.
Always Ready.
For The OC!

Multi-role player faction: Exploration, Trade, Combat, Passenger Missions, Bug Hunt, BGS.
We even do Arena.

Currently recruiting for any player, no matter skill level, for active faction game play.

Look, we're pretty easy going and simply wish to play the game with other players that are actively playing the game.
We have been inserted into the Ross 695 system by Fdev. We are currently taking control of the system and need YOUR help!
We are established in the system and are waiting for the Fleet Carriers and working to take all Platforms/landings in the system.

Need help in combat? Sure.
Want a buddy to go exploring with? Ok.
Want those weapons from BGS? We're down with that.
Want to level up your rankings? Sweet.
Already did it all? Excellent.

Willing to share and spread the wealth of knowledge with anyone who wants to join.

We only have 3 rules:
Don't fly without a rebuy
Faction First
Have a sense of humor

So join The Orion Chapter today!

We are mainly on Teamspeak but have a discord as well

Discord: https://discord.gg/ZrKs7WY
Teamspeak: orionchapter.teamspeak.cc:4095
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