Red sand australian texture

It would be cool to have different soil choices (like this idea) no matter what map we are on. If you choose the desert map on Australia for your sandbox, challenge, or career game, it will have the red soil I think you're referring to? Hmm but you mention the sand. I assume the sand must be more red than the soil then? I haven't used that biome in a long while...
They explained the current situation regarding this kind of requests in another thread:

Hayo all! Thank you for posting your suggestions on this topic here.
As some of you will be aware, our voxel terrain is limited to 8 textures - this is due to memory and/or performance, which suffers when more textures are applied.
In Planet Coaster, we do allow you to select your own set of textures for a Custom Biome, however this is not an easy fit into Planet Zoo because the animals require specific terrain paints to be used to conform to their requirements.
We are aware this is an often requested feature but due to its complexity, we don't want to make any promises regarding its inclusion.
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