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Why have a minor faction in Elite Dangerous?

A player minor faction is a way for established Player Groups to represent themselves in-game, pushing the agenda of their groups throughout the galaxy.

Once you have submitted a player minor faction, and have it approved by us at Frontier, your player minor faction will show up in one of the three selected systems of your choosing. Your minor faction’s description will show up in a future update of Elite Dangerous.

You will have to manage your minor faction's economy, influence, and other galactic threats! Take part in various actions: combat, performing missions, selling exploration data and so on; other Commanders will be able work with or against your minor faction and therefore, your minor faction will be subject to the actions and functions of the Background Simulation (BGS).

I applied for a minor faction before the introduction of this system…

If you have previously submitted a player minor faction application with the older form, then you will have an update on the status of that application in the coming days. It will either be approved, or rejected, and depending you will need to do the following:

…it was approved and added to the game:

You don’t need to do anything; your minor faction is in the game! This system is for new player minor factions only!

…And it was rejected:

You will need to resubmit your player minor faction application with the new system below.

Apply for a player minor faction today!

Before applying for a player minor faction, please ensure you’ve notified us of your Player Group, which you can do by filling out the form here.

To apply for a player minor faction, please click here.

If you want to follow up on any pending player minor faction applications, please contact Customer Support here.
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Will Flanagan

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Player Groups
The precursor to player minor factions

1) We need to know the name of your Player Group/Squadron.
  • Player group names must be Elite Related, Lore related, or large long-standing related groups.
  • Group names cannot consist of names that would violate the game EULA/ToU.
  • Group names can only consist of a-z, A-Z, 0-9 characters.
  • We cannot accept player group names -=[that]=- ((look)) ^like^ thi$.
  • Names such as: Elite Explorations Crew, Deep Space Security, and so forth can be accepted.
2) Next, we need to know the type of Player Group/Squadron that you are.
  • PvE – Player Versus Environment
  • PvP – Player Versus Player
  • Both – Your group consists of both PVE and PVP elements.
3) We now need to know how many members are in your player group.
  • Please give a rough or exact estimate of how many you have.
  • We will not accept “actively recruiting” or an inflated number that will not reflect the amount of players to the group within the game.
  • Needs to be of at least TEN.
4) A contact name.
  • Please use your in-game Commander name.
5) Your email address to contact you by.
  • This email will not be made public.
  • It will only be used to contact you regarding your player group.
  • If you wish, you may use a catch-all email address if you have multiple leaders to your player group.
  • The initial response from us will not be sent to this email address, we will reply to the first email that you sent to us confirming the addition.
  • These are not in game names or faction names.
  • These are internal names have been registered with us.
  • The groups that have registered to us have requested to be kept informed with activities and opportunities specifically relating to player groups.
  • Registering a player group does not denote that it will register a Minor Faction.
Click here to register your Player Group
This must be completed before you submit a player minor faction.
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