Work In Progress Remote controlled boats

Love it!

Two things: Will there be a way to discern the boat you are steering from another (some coloured flag maybe?): Will there be boats to place in the water too (with some animation to look like the boats are actually in use)

Hope so.
Yes, working on the boats just now, and plan to animate them too.

However with numbers or flags, not so sure. Currently the model is the wheel and the base unit ( in the pic there are multiple placed down). To have a different number on each would require a different texture to multiple meshes. I feel that for the extra expense, it will be best just to use your imagination.[happy]

Edit: although I could mark a section on the base unit as a flexible colour, and the colour can then be matched to the boat it (pretends) to control.


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Very nice!

I remember that I always wanted to play with remote controlled boats whenever I saw them in a park as a kid. Unfortunately my parents thought otherwise... [squeeeeee]
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