remove the arbitrarily-added, no-effect of kills against factions at megaships drop-down map zones.

sigh ... i went to the megaship LHS 1348 1 Sanchez-class researcher ...
to see if it might be owned by the Brotherhood of Terra Mater ...

i find it is... great! there should be a concentration of their ships i can blast away at, and get lots of kills at, when sometimes they're a sneaky faction, and hard to find.

so i spend two days there... 12+- hours playing ... killing ... at least probably over 100+ ships ... maybe 250 or something...


and what do i find, when i goto check BoTM's security and inf% in the system (HECATE) ...
no effect.

i think to myself... is this because there's a push by enemy players, and maybe they've been concentrating hard, and my efforts have been out-weighed by the players supporting the faction?


so out of curiosity, i CHECK MY JOURNAL.

normally, when a AI ship dies in PvE ... there is a addition in the journal , something like ; "victim_faction" ... followed by which faction has just lost a ship (not murder necessarily, but a individual minor loss, EACH ) ... something like in this case ... "Brotherhood_of_Terra_Mater"

but what do i find, in my journal, when i use my batch-file, to search through it,..
and then also check manually, with CTR-F ?

absolutely nothing.

not ONE death, in the entire thing.

two days, maybe 12+- hours wasted, nothing to show for it.


bangs head on desk


Frontier.... no.

make the response, for players who risk attacking things like these valuable ships... dangerous... moreso for elites like me... and maybe even send in punishing ATRs, since they're not always busy...


but let me get the effect on the factions i am TARGETING,
when that is the ONLY REASON ... why i am there, and doing what i'm doing.


nothing. game RUINER.

0 out of 10,
for a tweak / balancing ... if the AI were going to be too weak, versus veterans.

'compensating' ... for PvE veterans, by doing this, is not THE WAY... to do it.

i would much prefer only being able to get stray, surprise kills before ATRs respond, or something... a proportionate emergency-response, depending on which pilots the megaship DETECTS, are attacking it.

is that too much, for plot-believe-ability ?


maybe someone might say that...

but what is worse?

when a designer might KNOW... that you will not get kills-against the faction you're targeting... that's just great, FOR THEM ... to know, and to avoid...


but when you don't ... and there are no warnings...
... it betrays your effort ... particularly when like in my case,..

it was the ONLY REASON,
why i was there.


back to killing system-authority ships then!

how are we supposed to KNOW?
hidden bug / hidden sloppy/incomplete-programming / un-addressed imbalance.

sorry, i have to call this one out.
Brotherhood of Terra Mater are an anarchy faction, murdering ships in space they control isn't a crime...but will make them Hostile to you. That's why they're all marked 'Lawless' when you target them.

To get the effect you want, reduced Influence presumably, just look for Massacre Pirate or Assassination missions that target them, from stations in surrounding systems.
thanks, if whether or not it's a crime, was important there... i meant gross destruction/losses of ships from factions, should have (at least) a minimum of impact,.. and from this experience, im saying it looks like that normal rule, has been over-written, since the special locations would require more programming, to make heavier responses to stronger players, and only light responses to unskilled players... longer and more time consuming,.. that it looks like they knew they'd have to program extra lines, but instead did a band-aid 'fix' ... which isn't really a fix.

that it seems like removing the risk of players doing what i did the other day and getting a balanced amount of kills-against a faction by reasonable role-play or challening risk, was SIDELINED... left for later,..

...but the follow up has not happened SINCE then...


... that left AS-IS ... there will KEEP BEING no way of KNOWING that,
when you think you've gone to somewhere where you can get kills-against a faction.

in presumably, reasonably balanced risk / reward.


Getting kills-against one, is not cheating, it is a part of the game, so normally how many/how much, is reasonable at different events/locations, is a debatable thing.

I'm not saying it shouldn't be... as i said, something like ATRs respoding... LIKE ... something LIKE... them responding... for role-play believably ...
since megaships are important, expensive things...
would be fine with me,..

just don't leave it AS IS... seemingly vulnerable, but then betray everyone trying to use them as a legitimate target... but not getting what we deserve.

that it is is APPEARING to be something vulnerable,.. but when you then fairly try to make the most of that opportunity, you get betrayed by a hidden bit of code/programming.


more than a hundred kills there, should have done SOMEthing, to their security slider, if the kills-against, was to be having a local-effect - i looked up the system where they're from ... lhs 1348 ... they're not IN that system, either,.. so the possibility of their inf% & security having gone down there,..

is also not possible ... so SINCE it was being owned AND policed locally ... in hecate at the time ;
them as supposed authority ... AND, the ship owned, by them,..
in terms of who was being attacked...

was unambiguous / unABLE to be anywhere... else. So when i saw no change,
i knew something was wrong / incomplete / unfinished.


how much more IDEAL, could that be, for which faction & where, should be going down some, from my effort?

im saying that... that one's EFFORT, should be causing them to go down at least somewhere... but it did nothing locally, (and could not have been going to take them down, in lhs 1438).
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