Removing the oswald eugene counter from the console edition, or atleast the option with a very aggressive warning

The oswald eugene counter has been a problem since planet coaster made it to consoles. People have been able to make some great stuff even on the lowest end PS4 and xbox one, but we could make some even GREATER stuff if frontier would remove this, or give us the option to. It would also be nice if we could atleast lower the graphics to have more space.
I can already see the complaints coming if they removed the Counter. People will just ignore this warning and build and build, and then totally crap on the game when the performance is going to hell. I bet Frontier just doesn't want to deal with that.


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Not many console games crash or lag the way it would with no counter. In the PC simulation game world it's expected but I don't think the console world would accept it easily. I'm not even sure if Sony or Microsoft allow games with such performance on their platforms.
I think if frontier IS going to remove the oswald eugene counter, they should give us the option to either have it on, or not have it on. I also feel that they should atleast increase it a little bit for all platforms
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