Parks Renee' Feu Adventure Park

I already tried putting the part I have done out there, but it was failings. There was bug report, but it was never resolved. Another player I was talking to about this was having the same issues and he was able to all of a sudden post his park, so I will have to try again.
So, off to the side of the main walkway, on the other side of the tracks, I have a dead end walkway that has a few vendors and an animal exhibit at the far end. Just a nice place to get some quiet and rest if you need it.


First - I found another friend wandering around the park

Here is the meerkat viewing area at the end of this walkway.

The walkway from above

Just another drone shot of the Harambe area we have looked at already

What it looks like entering this area from the Port of Call bridge
Here are my artsy shots from this area. Some better than others, but I like to try new/different options every time.

So I had a few more blueprints I used in this section that I didn't call out and want to give credit where credit is due. I have so much I start to lose track of where these are all placed.

-Petite scène d'Egypte by Dezax
-Fence Adventure by YouYou Parachute
-Bucket O' Tools by TheShaudi
-[Kasi Mbio] Lodge by Floss
-Pieces from Safari Shops and Facilities Pack by troopermatthew

THX again to all the workshop contributors as I couldn't make my parks without them.
Moving onto the second part of Harambe.
Here is an overview map of the entire Harambe area. if you draw a line about right through the middle of this shot...what's to the right is what we covered already and now we will move to the left side of this photo.

To get to this area you continue past the Croc enclosure on your right

To the left is a crossing area for trucks and staff to get to the animal enclosures. If you saw earlier in this thread. I got those crossing gates timed and working when trains pass by. Truck provided by 'aritario's Safari Trucks by aritario'.

A covered market areas to buy gifts and something to eat (Feu's Exotic Exports by DCSnGA85)
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