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This pics looks really cool and the parkmap is one of the best i've ever seen. It perfectly match this africa theme (i mean the park and the parkmap;))
THX, glad you like it.

Now its time to move over to the Congo part of this area. AS you continue on through Harambe, the Congo sits in a dead end corner of the park (except if you take the Adventure Express train onto to Egypt from this area.
Here is a drone shot of the entire area.

Walking from Harambe to the Congo

Central plaza area. Buildings are 'Magazi Port Authority' and 'Magazi Market Buildings' by andycarpenter19

I did change up his building a bit to make it more complete for the look of this area.
Here is the Toy Barn shop (Old Stone Barn for farm 2x4 by CrimsonSun) and the little guy on the sign was from the TMTK, but for the life of me I can't find it in my list and I don't recall who made it. (I wish the game had some sort of way to either sort or tag the items you actually use in the park so they are easier t find again if you want to use them).

Continuing down the street...



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Beautiful work, wowman!

It's a joy to watch your progress, because there's so many details to look at and so many things to discover! I love it! :)


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The park is beautiful. Love the colors and details on all the buildings. I wish I could walk around in there :) Nicely done!!
THX again guys...glad you can enjoy stuff that I just play-around with.

Moving around to the back of this building you can see the queue for the balloons continues

postcard for this ride
Here is the train station and queue building.
The clock tower is 'CSCL - DK Train Assets by corkscrewloop'

in the queue

from above
Here is what it looks like as the train leaves the Congo station and passes through a series of caverns on its way to Egypt.

Getting off the train station in the Congo, you come across this wonderful little building set. (Safari Chief Beef by SDanwolf).

and a small path that leads back to some bathrooms. This small building in front is "African style Building by Appgamer"

African style Toilets by ypr-pri rickat3
Wowman, I know I've said this so many times before, this park is amazing. You are doing such an awesome job creating and detailing it. I really liked the African Train ride. Thumbs Up!
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