Parks Renee' Feu Adventure Park

Here is a closer look at the boat ride entrance, again following the same boat queue theme from the Port of Call. I will look up who posted this on the workshop as I have a modified version of it. I also have another power station here (aritario's Electric Pole with Transformers by aritario and Electrical Transformer by Romeo.34). I did once again modify the transformer to make a smaller more to scale version of what Romeo originally created.

Here is the queue building for this boat launch. Its a bit of an Africa/Egypt theme as I originally thought this building would be more visible from Egypt, but after a few water and land modifications, thats no longer true, but I decided to leave it as is.

I also want to mention a few call outs to blueprints I used in this area that may have not been featured in some of the screen shots.
[Kasi Mbio] Safari hats by Floss
Boat Rental Shack by OxidizedLady
Cheese Cart Scene by cupcaeke
Miss Tilly Steamboat by SDanwolf

Turning back around and looking across the plaza is a candy shop. The main building is a slightly modified version of "Safari Hotel by Scila" from the workshop.
Inside are pieces from "Candy Barrels by jvalle_6017" and "Sweet shop assets by Kingoftheswing"

and it has a back entrance
Here is a short path that goes around the back of the confectionery and along the river way.
The bridge on the left leads to Egypt and Nepal (the next land we will cover a bit later).

Here is a capsized ship chicken shop...and now that I look at it again from this doesn't fit this area very well. I think I more placed it here because of how it looked from the water side in the next photo. Maybe if I decide I have some time to kill I may go back and swap this out with something else. You can also see the the start of the queue line for the Serengeti Tower ride. I also got this from the workshop and for the life of me I can't find it (So, I can't give deserved credit correctly), so maybe it has since been removed?

Jumping back over to the other side of the plaza is a large structure (a slightly modified version of "Tropical / Tiki Park Entrance by UncivilEngineer" from the workshop). this serves as a building that has a few shops and facilities in it. Serves as kind of a gateway to the animal viewing areas behind the building.

More animal enclosure shots

I have a bit of a backstage area where there is access to a large barn for the critters

In the background is a huge restaurant called the Safari Lodge. More details on this next, but the main building was from the workshop - Thunder Falls Restaurant by AlexSmith
Lets taker a look inside the Safari Lodge. First I want to say...I don't do interiors very well compared to some of you out there, but I did attempt to dress this building up a bit more than usual. The blueprint I started with had the shops, the floor, and the support beams, but not much more past that. I decided to add all the seating (some are real, most are fake), plants, wall coverings, pictures on the walls and a couple small animal enclosures. Hope you enjoy.

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