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Here is a list of the main blueprints I used in this area of Nepal. I also used a bunch of TMTK pieces, but its almost impossible for me to track them all down for giving credit.
If you have something you see here, go ahead and call it out!!

Africa Entry/cave
Mina's Café by Sdanwolf
Tropical Jungle Rope Bridge by Ozbotkin
Ozbotkin by PixelWess89
Mr Wok Chow Mein by Fricker
Market Stands by Mina (throughout this land)
Qin Dynasty Park Entrance by Miss_T_
[Shuanglongbi] Chinese Decorative wall by drld
African Entrance by scubajoe

So, moving back out into the main corridor of the cave...

On the left is the Yala Coffee Cafe. You cross a short bridge off the side of the cliff (outside the cave) to get to the counter service.

from the outside the cafe looks like this...a modified blueprint building (I believe this one was from Sdanwolf)
opposite the coffee shop is an area of benches where you can sit and enjoy your snacks and drinks.

and you exit the cavern into the streets of Kathmandu.
As we get more into the streets of is a real life photo of the look and feel I was going for. While it might no be as fully filled with signs and stuff as what you see here, I did as much in the game as I could without it getting totally out of control. The initial street scenes I will share will not be the 'main street', so they will not be as crowded, but once I round the corner it should look more like this.
Moving out of the cavern and into the streets of Kathmandu. Before we get to the main street, lets first take a look at whats right outside the cavern along the river cliffs.
There is a cliff dwelling mill building that houses restrooms and a nice flower market along the walkway.

From the other side

Continuing down this pathway you pass the entrance of the flat ride Condor's Nest on the right (but we will take a closer look at that a bit later).

and up ahead is the Thamal Doner restaurant. (thats the name of a real restaurant in Kathmandu)

Also, here are some more credits for blueprints I used from other that will be showcased in this next area of the land.
Nepal Village House by Whoopity Scoop

Nepali Mainstreet 1 by Bullethead

Nepali Restaurant by Bullethead

The Bridal Carriage by Wikz

Pirate Theme Façade by Pezzilla

Metal Shack (multiple) by CrimsonSun

The Adventurer's Clubhouse by TheOakSpade
here is the backside of the restaurant. It has 3 levels. The street level where you enter (and saw in the post above), an upper deck for VIP seating, and a lower outside deck for a nice view along the river.

another street level shot of the pathways in this area
Beautiful these very bright colors. Even if you have accented the image with a filter. . .
Nice work of architecture and planning.
I like it a lot when there is relief in a park.
Beautiful these very bright colors. Even if you have accented the image with a filter. . .
Nice work of architecture and planning.
I like it a lot when there is relief in a park.
only slight filtering applied. I up the contrast and the saturation just a bit
Across the pathway from the restaurant is a small street side food stand and the entrance to Condor's Nest flat ride (but we will take a closer look at that later).

Rounding the corner you start to get a better look at the main drag through Kathmandu.

here is a bird's eye view looking down the main street
Very nice job! I still love this game it usually loses in my choice to play between it and pz but still a awesome game.

Moving further down the east side of the can see i used billboards for some building fronts, and there are also actual working food/drink stands and shops built into some of the store fronts.

At the end of the street is a stable and behind the stable and the main street is an alleyway that is less crowded and traveled.

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