Parks Renee' Feu Adventure Park

As we move off the main street and take a look at the outskirt areas of this is a list of all the major workshop items that were used in these areas.
Qin Oracle by grampers62
Qin Prayer hut 01 by grampers62
Qin Rainbow Bridge by grampers62
Qin vending shell by grampers62
Nepali-style Shrine by Bullethead
Japanese Watchtower by ktjamison
Park Area Entrance Signs by Rutger27
Asian building by JimiMac
Bridge by drld
the DYNASTY CASTLE by Flarback

Here is the second bridge to this Nepal 'island' that will come from what will eventually be the SE Asia area of the park. Yes, some of the items you see will be more oriental looking than Nepal looking, but I decided I could take some creative liberty's here.

After crossing the bridge, the path makes it way into this sort of welcome house where you can either take the path to the left or the right from the house.

The right side takes you through a quaint garden walkway

Where you cross yet a second bridge to get to the main Nepal area
Water level shot

This bridge is a bit more hefty.

The plaza area at the end of the main street. In the distance you see the pathway to the coaster station which is a bit more on the rustic side compared to the hustle and bustle of the main street.
Lets now look at what I call the Cliff Hanger section of this land. It has a flat ride and a hotel...both called the Cliff Hanger. Cliff hanger meaning like a mountain climber, but appropriately, both also are perched on the cliff's edge.

entrance to the Cliff Hanger queue

A nice shaded queue that leads up to the ride building

Waiting to board

Inside...this is an faux rotor type idea I made this into...get it...Cliff Hanger!
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