Parks Renee' Feu Adventure Park

Looking back on the other side of the street (where the "pirate theme facade" was used. I mentions that this was truly only the front of the buildings. AS you can see the back of this strip of facades was not even touched when I started.

Here is the end result from about the same angle as the 'before' shot above.
As you can see, I had to build out all the backs, some more beefy than the others and also revise many of the roof tops. There were shops, etc. in many of these, but they also form one side of the priority queue for the flat ride that ended up back there.Higher up in the image you can see where I also added the queue for the temple flat ride behind the buildings.
One last before and after. This is again the back side of the main street, but more specifically looking at the queue area for the flat ride.Some of the backs of street buildings are being placed around the shops inside. The priority queue is placed (with rails that will be removed later to give more of a random placed open walkway. I do it this way to mark the actual path location so that I don't build or place scenery over it). The faux ground is also placed to cover the actual pathways and give a more cohesive feel to the entire area. Also note that the buildings between the priority queue and the normal queue are built yet either.

And here it is with everything built out and all the scenery placed.
Hi Wowman
Congratulations for this explanatory sharing on your way of doing things from the elements drawn from the workshop. It is really very well presented and instructive: behind the scenes of your work.
THX - I will try to do more of this as I build. I just have to remember to capture more before shots and plan it out a bit more before I get excited and just start building away.

Let's take a closer look at Condor's Nest.
Here is the queue entrance (on the left). I wanted the queue to have the feel that you were entering and walking down the back alleys of Kathmandu. To the right you can see a small street side noodle shop (Mr Wok Chow Mein by Fricker)

Bird's eye view of the entire ride area. I love the way it turned out and how it nestles up against the base of Mt. Raven.
here is a closer look at the queue for this ride. This is the entrance before the priority queue splits off.

Under the shaded canopy

the main queue circles the ride platform area.

Here is a bird's eye view of the queue layout for this ride. Green is the standby queue, purple is the priority queue path, and the merge where it turns red.

Here is what its like to walk through the back alley priority queue

Hey guys, moving onto the next flat ride. Mt. Raven Temple.
The entrance to this ride is one of the doorways on the main street market area.

After passing through the building, you enter a small garden area behind the building and start the walk up the large staircase up the side of the mountain to get to the load area.

Where you finally make it to the top
Here is all the rock/nature work around the base of the temple ride platform.

The exit queue staircase

Back through the small garden area before heading back out onto the busy market street.
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