Parks Renee' Feu Adventure Park

Now we will take a look at an extended walkway that leads to/from the main street area, down past the coaster building (which we will look at better a bit later), and down to the boat dock at water level. Here is an overview (before the land was finished) and I have the pathway identified with a yellow line and the dock is circled.

After you pass the coaster building, the path and the land get a bit more nature like as you move away from the hustle and bustle of Kathmandu.

Heading down towards the river, the gondola ride passes overhead.

One of the other bridges that leads to/from this land. Goes to the Sub-Continent area that will be built later.
Continuing along this path you eventually come to the boat dock (for the Green Line Adventure Boats)

I decided to make most of the boat queue more rustic so they tie in together around the park, with just minimal, if any, specific land theming done to them.

the queue building/cover

this dock/station has its own little cove/boat repair area as well.
Let's take a closer look at some of the transport rides around this land.
First, we have the chair lift. This is the one that we have seen before leaving the Africa area of the park. this is where it crosses the river and makes a hard turn past Nepal to head over to the SE Asia part of the park.

Here are a few shots of the gondola ride as it passes by/through Nepal.
It really does border between Nepal and what will be the Sub-continent area. so the shots I have are facing one direction right now...towards Nepal.

Passing under the huge tower structure

and through and over the bottom edge of Mt. Raven

It heads off to the left to a station in what will be Egypt
That first drop off the coaster looks a little bit too rough,try to bank it more ,rest is amazing looking ;)
I messed with that drop for hours and couldn't get it to do what I wanted (without messing up everything around it), so I finally gave up on it and left it like that. it s pretty short drop (once the end of the train gets over the apex and the train actually starts moving faster) so the speed going into it is not that intense. I really did want it better, but this ride is by no means realistic in any sense, so I decided to move on and leave it like this.
Glad you guys are liking this!

So the Green Line boats head off to the station in the background, and the Blue Line continues to the west side of the island.

Where the head past the steep cliffs under the Cliffhanger Hotel and the Cliffhanger ride...and into a narrow canyon.

...and past a beautiful waterfall.


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That looks like a lovely boat ride along a beautiful town with that old fashioned water wheel. Nice work! :)
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