Parks Renee' Feu Adventure Park

Lets take a closer look at the coaster that flies around Mt. Raven...called Raven's Wing. The courtyard area at the end of the main street turns right and heads towards the more rustic pathway.

Where you come across the Raven Inn restaurant and bar...

The queue entry is also located on the far end of this building.
THX - that did inspire some of the ideas for this ride.

Here is heading onto the first long lift inside an ice cave

Going up!!!

The top of the lift breaking through Mt. Raven's peaks.
I just found your thread and I've went through all pages. Your park is absolutely AMAZING! I love the details you've put into the park. INCREDIBLE :D
Amazing that you're still working on your park for almost two years!
Next the coaster takes a steep dive down the backside of the mountain

a curved bank around the back

and across a rickety old log bridge as you pas back through the mountain
then a tight banked curve around a temple

through some rock work

And around the base of the Flying Temple flat ride
Sorry for the delayed posts, but work is keeping me so busy lately...hard to do anything fun.

Heading to the the last lift

Headed to the top!

The monster awaits

After diving through the mountain again, you loop up around a hairpin banked curve.

Same part from outside

Back inside and around a loop

and then the track flattens out and a final brake section to slow you down before entering back into the station
A few more...zipping around the temple on the mountain.


looking down at Nepal from the peak

out front of the queue building
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