Parks Renee' Feu Adventure Park

Jumping back to where the main bridge enters this land...if you turn left, you head down the main street.

It heads out between the train station/tracks on the right and the river on the left.

Sorry for the delay in updates for this park. Been out of town for a while.

Lets jump back over to the far back corner of this land where there is a larger market area. I called it the Sima Oasis. This is accessed by walking under the coaster either from the train station plaza, or from way back by the flat ride called The Nubian Slide (past the Mummy dark ride).
Here is the entrance to the market from that pathway.


Again, most all this was used from workshop items and manipulated as needed to fit my area. I also added some embellishments like flower pots, doors, windows, signs, etc.
More of this market area. I am struggling getting guests to walk this way, but part of the issue may be that I don't have many people in the park to keep FPS under control more.



Curse of the Mummy. Dark ride using the Kuka arm vehicle. I know I mentioned this before, but this ride was a real struggle for to build. I really envisioned so much more out of it as far as animations, movie clips, opening doors, etc., but just couldn't fully pull it all together. Had an especially tough time getting the vehicle positioning to work correctly for me. So after months of going back many times trying to fix this...this is what I ended up with. Please look past the stuff that wasn't working correctly and the failure of a story line that just never made it to the level I really wanted.

Story at a high level. Follow an archeologist through his search for the hidden mummy treasure room, but along the way the mummy's curse is released and you will have to contend with the adventure and perils that follow. is the entrance to the building/queue.


The building exterior. The faux front was intended to hide the show building...thus the weird rock work that is out of view of the guests.
Once you enter the building, the queue splits and the priority queue goes to the right and is a much shorter walk to the actual load station.

The regular queue goes to the left and is much more involved. I added a few dots on this shot to show the basic flow of the queue around all the scenery.

More switchbacks

Lets do a few ride photos.
The load platform.

First you pass by a shrine to the king that this tomb is dedicated to.

In the scene transition tunnel you encounter a few friends.
Round the bend and there is a deep well of sorts with an elevator, where you first meet Dr. Pinecutt...the host character that will appear throughout the ride.

and then into a chamber where some work is being done...and the curse is first unveiled...things start to go wrong.

There are explosions, things start to fall, and the ride vehicle spins about out of control.

After regaining control, you enter a long hallway where lights/lasers appear and you are about to enter into the mummies territory.
You then go through a dripping, wet, eerie transition tunnel

Where Dr. Pincutt informs you he found the item that will help kill the mummy and its curse

and the battle begins
Heading down a short hallway as things start to ramp up and the final attack on the mummy is about to happen.

The mummy finally being eliminated

Dr. Pincutt telling you that the mission was a success and the treasures lie just ahead.

The treasure room
Headed back to the station

The exit path is through an open air courtyard

The courtyard from above

Finally, through a hallway to get back to the main park

Here is the ride layout from above
Yellow is the queue
Orange is the load/unload station
White is the welcome/throne room
Blue is the bug hallway
Pink is the elevator room
Teel is where the curse is released
Red - the curse attacks and explosions
Purple is the laser room
Brown is where the mummy's minions attack
Green is the digging room
Light blue is the dripping water hallway
Dark green is where you learn of the Ruby Eye
Tan - the Dr. attacks the mummy
Light gray - the mummy dies
Dark gray - you learn the treasure has been found
Gold - the treasure rooms
Light green is the farewell as you head back to the station
Moving away from the mummy ride...there is a flat ride tucked back in the corner called The Nubian Slide.

This was used from the workshop, but I had to rearrange the queue and some of the scenery around the ride to get it to fit in this tight corner, also against the park boundary.

From above

well, it finally happened. This park got to big and it broke. I can't play for more than 10-15 mins before it crashes. I tried everything like updating drivers, closing everything else running....nothing it working and its getting old re-doing everything I lost over and over again. So, I think I need to make the decision to split the park into separate files (phases) to be able to complete it out. I still need to decide how to split it, what to delete and try to keep in each phase of the park, so that it still looks like one cohesive complete park. I will do my best to make this invisible to you all so it can be enjoyed better. I guess this is what happens when you build as big and bold as I do. Stay tuned.
Same thing has happened to me several times. Very frustrating but sometimes splitting the bench is for the best!
On the bright side, you can super-detail each area!

In several of my parks, I have created small streams between different "lands". It seems like you have done the same. Perfect place for a break.
Same thing has happened to me several times. Very frustrating but sometimes splitting the bench is for the best!
On the bright side, you can super-detail each area!

In several of my parks, I have created small streams between different "lands". It seems like you have done the same. Perfect place for a break.
Yep - working a good part of the day deleting stuff from the areas already done, but trying to keep as much as possible along the 'borders' of what will be the different park files...this way sight lines and such may still be able to hide the fact that I had to split them up.
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