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Those night shots are stunning. Your lighting is top notch. I can't believe your computer still works with all these details.
Great job! Oh and I love those little carts your making for Pizza and Ice Cream.
Those carts were downloads from the workshop
Gawd that pagoda is horrifically over-lit compared to the rest of the park. Whoever committed that atrocity should turned over to Grrt for summary execution :D
I need to give credit, but I was having a hard time finding them in my blueprints, but I will search again.
moving onto this section of this land

this area is more of a tropical storm ravished area

Here is a the Snack Shack - Adventure Beef n' Tacos Shack by Hiddenfox. I also made a working small picnic area off to the side.



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Fantastic work, wowman! You really do bring wow to your parks ;)
I would definitely love to visit your parks in real life :D
The entrance to Hurricane. Custom sign I made using a billboard.

The queue showing high levels of distress from the storm

I added some water features to the flat ride to make it interesting
Some filter shots to close out this area

Post Card...and I have actually put this shot as one of the park posters on the fencing back in the entry plaza.
So after I had this section of the park completed...they came out with the rides pack and I had to add a chair lift in this area. The boarding platforms are actually in the Africa section (to be built next) and end in the Jungles area, but the pass over and through the Port of Call. Here are some shots of the ride as it goes through this area. BTW - I love the look of this ride.

you can virtually real soon.

Moving to the last section of the Port of Call.
Workshop items used in this area are:
Sdanwolf's Dutch Trading Company by Sdanwolf
Boat station - adventure rivier by sebastiaan1975
Train car building - Wildlife Express Train Car by Sdanwolf

This area has a larger plaza that leads to a bridge to the SE Asia part of the park. Also walk past the pod of buildings for some shopping and onto the South America part of the park.

Looking down on can also see the boat launch for the Adventure River Orange Line on the far left.
More from this section. This building does has a working shop inside as well as restrooms. I also placed a few shop items that can be seen from the outside to make it look a bit more real, but the interior is not complete by any means.

Here is the bridge that will lead over to the SE Asia part of the park.

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