Parks Renee' Feu Adventure Park

Behind this building, along the river, there is a loading dock and the station for the Adventure River boats.

Queue building for the boats


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LOVE LOVE LOVE the Adventure River Boats. It's my favorite ride in the game. Love the queue area too.

I really like seeing your progress on the park. [happy]
Keep going wowman, your almost done. I'm going to miss looking at your daily updates but I'm really excited to see the finished park.

After it's done you will have to start another one...
Lets take a closer look at the boat queue area now.
Here is the outside of the queue building

the load station - - btw this Boat station is a slightly modified version a workshop item - adventure rivier by sebastiaan1975

Sneak peek at the early stage of the Africa build. This is how Crocodile Creek (log flume) is starting to look.
THX - I'm having fun with this park.

Back to the Port of Call. Couple more night shots.

The completed area from above
A really great park ! Love all the details ! But presume they decrease the FPS ![ugh] Great work . [up][up][big grin]. Go on !
THX again guys - with the recent problems I'm having with the game, I lost a lot of this park doing a re-install...and I may just end up quiting playing all together if this doesn't get fixed soon. If I have to rebuild half this park because of lost pieces...grrrr..

Here is a overview video of this section of the park. This will have to hold you all over for a week or so, as I will soon be on vacation for a while.
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