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I also posted the bridge to Africa out there if you want to use it.

Let's take a closer look at Crocodile Creek. This is a log flume ride that passes through a croc enclosure where you have some close encounters with the creatures as you ride through the creek. I guess its a bit hard to read here, but the smaller hanging sign says Crocodile Creek in Swahili.

Looking at the queue from above

In the queue
Wow! All of this is really looking great! I especially love how you did the line for the ride and the shade structures! Very nicely done! [praise][up]
Here is what the ride looks like.
Leaving the station

Warnings of what's ahead in both English and Swahili.

Heading around the hut

and into Croc Country


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Excellent...perfectly built. There's an art to putting that many items together and having it all blend perfectly together from the trees, bushes to buildings etc...You do that SO well! [happy]
THX Heather!

After all the actually enter the croc enclosure where you get up close and personal with a few before heading up the first lift.

Here is a better view of the whole enclosure and you can see guests can observe the crocs from many angles through the glass walls.

I would put a glass wall between the ride and the crocs for the guests sake. You don't want this ride to be an all you can eat buffet for the crocs. [wink]
THX guys. I will have an updated shot of the new glass wall I added later.

Here is the first lift of this ride

Around a small peak that hides the view of the first drop

The drop passes under a log/wood bridge that you will go over later and its not built very well as it leaks and squirts you as you pass under it.
Splashdown includes a few water cannons that blast you and a croc that lunges up out of the water.

and then into some calmer waters that are still loaded with crocs

floating through the canyon

Heading back to the second lift, you pass along side the market area where a safety fence (metal fence by manos-al-aire) keep guest away from the water and the crocs.

Watch out!!!

Crossing the log bridge
Hey guys - trying to catch up with posts since the forum was down.

The last lift makes its way up a tumbling water fall

A small drop that leads....

to a long speedy sloped straight-a-way

Where things finally get more tranquil and calm again.
Heading back through a tranquil pool area

and back towards the station

A final short tunnel (under the chair lifts) and you arrive back at the station
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