Rentable Warehouse

Guys I think that you could add a rentable warehouse - mean a warehouse in which we could keep our spoil, goods for later.. hmm but more not be an easy and common warehouse, rather a rentable warehouse at the station (at the player, chosen one), temporarily rent, a fairly expensive rental time, to keeping the game at a difficult level. I think so, if you feel that you would like to improve the idea, share your point bellow
Been discussed before. The main objection would be hording commodities and commodities manipulation.

I think it's a good idea. I appreciate the fear about stockpiling, but this could easily be countered by having a storage limit, e.g. maximum storage of 400 units.
I am all in for this, it could be so useful to be able to store a larger stock than you can carry. Put me down for a large warehouse please! As Jermanicus said, limit the maximum size and only one per player.
I always liked the idea of having a way to up the storage space for equipment from 120. I've heard commanders buy extra type 9's just for the storage space.
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