Repair/Maintenance Stations and Test Runs

A feature that I think would add tons of realism to our parks would be maintenance stations and the ability to have all rides in our parks test run during closing hours.

If we received switch tracks in the future of the game, we could have stations that housed extra trains, so if a train broke they simply rolled out the sub-coaster train for scheduled runs during the park opening, while maintaining the default train until it was ready again. Some cool features added to these maintenance stations were individual coaster repair staff for each coaster attraction, as well as block zones. And during test runs the coaster maintenance staff didn't just walk the length of the station, but also walked the length of the lift catwalk to check the chain dampeners, anti-rollback on gearbox, as well as the chain itself.

The same worked with flat rides in the park during closing hour test runs and maintenance checks. Technical staff would check the rotors of rides, constraint system so peeps don't fly out of gondolas/cars during ride operation hours, along with all other maintenance and routine checkup operations.

If our attractions pass all the tests and our staff keep our attractions in great condition it would attract more guests since the park received a lot of media recognition for being safe parks... the only con to this would it cost the park money to keep the attractions in outstanding quality and safety. It would just add more realism to our park's management, as well as the simulation of running a theme park in general.

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Sorry for the double post... I completely skipped over a thread that someone already addressed similar ideas to what I just posted... teaches me to look more carefully for similar threads. My apologies.