COMPLETED CG Repel the Thargoid attack in the Witch Head Nebula (AX-Combat)


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System: Onoros
Station: Golden Stag (Megaship, large pads available, 63.66 Ls from main star, 905.89 Ly from Sol)
Objective: Hand in Combat Bonds after fighting the Thargoids
Time limit: 22nd October 3306 @ 06:00 UTC

Thargoid vessels detected in Alliance-controlled systems within the Witch Head Enclave.
The Thargoids have reappeared in the Witch Head Nebula, and are swarming in large numbers through the Onoros, Lembass, Haki, Wellington and Shenve systems.
Sixteen systems within the nebula were colonised last year to form the Witch Head Enclave, after a successful initiative to locate fresh barnacle sites. This initially triggered a hostile reaction from the Thargoids, but their presence was relatively low until now.
Captain Warren Lamar, head of security for the Alliance Expeditionary Pact, put out an urgent call for assistance:
If this Thargoid assault is not repelled, it may spread into a full-scale invasion throughout the Witch Head Enclave. Neither Aegis nor the Alliance Defence Force are able to deploy in time, so we ask all independent combat pilots and anti-xeno squadrons to come to our defence.
The Alliance Expeditionary Pact has confirmed that it will offer generous rewards to all Commanders who assist with destroying Thargoid vessels.
The top 75% of contributors will have Guardian Frame Shift Drive Boosters unlocked and a size four module put into storage for them at the Golden Stag by the 24th of October.
To be eligible for rewards, you must sign up as an active participant before handing in Combat Bonds at the Golden Stag in the Onoros system.
Please note that if you have any crew members, a portion of your combat bonds will be automatically assigned to them. These combat bonds will not count towards your personal contribution total, and your crew will receive the reward for their bonds when they are handed in. The proportion of combat bonds assigned to your crew will depend on their rank.
Be aware that faction-state changes and other disruptive events can negatively impact markets and station services, and could prevent the initiative from running smoothly.
  • Station services: Commodities Market, Outfitting, Refuel, Restock, Repair
  • Nearest Shipyard: Karian Vision, Onoros (45 Ls)
Last updated: 21 October 07:45 UTC - completed
Current Progress:
Current Participation Rewards:
Global Progress: 80,000,581,600 credits earned
Contributors: 4,873
Reward Tier: 5/5
Global Reward:
All five systems protected
Top 10 CMDRs: 80,000,000 CR
Top 10%: 50,000,000 CR
Top 25%: 30,000,000 CR
Top 50%: 20,000,000 CR
Top 75%: 10,000,000 CR
Top 100%: 1,000,000 CR

CG threshold tracking
Inara ( tracks overall progress, your contributions and estimates tier boundaries.
Journal data (used to track progress) can be submitted via various third party tools or by direct journal imports on Inara. For more details see

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I dunno. After the Alliance steamrollered the whole place I lost interest. Leave em to it?
I hauled for the Empire and Alliance to get those stations out there.
I hauled to repair all six stations, twice, without fear or favour to who owned them.
And then the Alliance thumbed their nose at everyone and took control of what had been a cross-Superpower effort.

Sort this one out on your own, boys. :mad:
Top tier target 80,000,000,000
If players allready have the bonds stored for current kills this could jump very quickly on first day..
Guardian weapons are generally regarded as the best choice for fighting Thargoids.

I'd imagine very few ppl able to solo an Interceptor didn't unlock the booster at the same time.

I applaud FDev for mixing it up a bit but I fear in this instance the extra reward will be wasted on most participants.

On the other hand there could be a lot of green Cmdrs down there in Open wielding AX pea-shooters looking for a wingup.

It might be enough to get some new players into AXI combat, but I'd imagine they're going to need some serious hand-holding.
Are we getting AXCZs like the AXI has been begging for ages for?
Didn't AXI shut up shop for lack of AX content..? Timing!

As there has been no real new Thargoid content since the witch head nebula interstellar initiative last year and the fact there still seems to be an issue with the Thargoid Heart bug; they’ve set up a new discord to keep the community together for other other gamers, such as NMS, SW:Squadrons, Star Citizen etc.
- Lave Radio, last week...
Yes, exactly. A great help for those who not opened the FSD Booster yet.
So if ya aint got a FSDB ya better hitch a ride with a FC. How the F*K you supposed to get down to the Witch Head without a FSDB and thats the prize? SMH

Who thought this through?
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Okay so will this be the return of AXCZ's or just another stock filler CG where it's "Kill goids hand in bonds and buy arx"?

Are we getting AXCZ's back for the AXI or not?
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