[Request] Ambient Ship Light Colors

Even before getting Colored Engine's and Weapons i wanted the option to change the ship lights of an Imperial ship.
last Boston meetup i even asked a drunk Sandro and he suggested to post it here (though im also terrible with doing these things so i didnt until now.)
then in the 2.4 BETA only on imperial ships in livery/outfitting "String lights" came up as an empty option so i fought some of you also had this idea.. but that turned out to be Christmas light decoration
So here's my request now.

Give us Ambient Ship light colors same as with the Weapons and Engines.
(mainly the ships i know that have ambient lighting on them are the imperial once)
Here are a couple example's.

Imperial Eagle Defender
Imperial Goid Courier
Imperial Black Panther Clipper
Stolen Imperial Cutter
If posible also include the interior lights as having custom hud overlays absolutely doesnt mesh with the ambient lights in the cockpit unless change the hud something like blue or a color that matches with blue.
Yes Imperial ships are proud of there blue lights but with all the paintjob options (of which i also wish there where more of) the blue often just doesn't look right.
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