Request for an Edward Lewis station/megaship and Bobble Ed


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Plans may already be afoot within Frontier towers, but I would like to make a formal request that a station within the bubble be renamed in honour of our departing friend. Ed has done more to bring this community together than anyone else! And although Ed's 38 came together to establish Dunker's Rest as part of the initial Colonia expansion, it is a long way to travel for some.

So I think that a station (in the system of his choosing) should be renamed to Edward Lewis.

I would also request that a new rare good be added to the game, at that station, which will of course have to be biscuits.

And lastly (greedy I know) that we finally, finally, get to have the Bobble Ed.

The bobble head has been a request since 2015, and the biscuits since not long after, but now seems like a fitting time to include them.

(I am willing to settle for just the station, though the bobble ed is proving very popular again)


We have a brilliant idea come in from the one and only Jester D. A compromise of sorts if renaming a station is too much hard work/trouble and may also alleviate any potential problems with the BGS.

How about a mega ship filled with sound-bites from Ed as a compromise? One that sells biscuits and tea and travels between the bubble and Dunker's Rest?


*Edit 2*

Station/Megaship to have emblazoned on the side "All of the best ones are here"
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I was thinking the same thing, and you guys got there first. A station name would be a fitting tribute to someone who has helped to shape the public appreciation of the game.
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