Request for PIN function for engineers (Odyssey and Horizons)

In horizons we got some sort PIN function for blueprints. Why there is no that function for Odyssey?

Every time i want to upgrade my suit or weapon i take a picture of materials that i need to find, rather press "PIN button".

Great example Fallout 4. It has "PIN button", if you use it, every time i came across that material (in menu, dialog or world) you will see small icon near material.
Elite has the same gameplay in it, upgrading weapons, suits, ships, synthesis fuel, ammo, consumables etc.

Please make gameplay more enjoyable, PIN function for materials, goods, data etc.

I read the title and thought you wanted to use these to access engineers:
pin machine.jpg

"Sure, CMDR. If you'll just enter your code, I can get started right away on this mod."
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