Request for Ram Tah to Visit Professor Palin

Request To Professor Palin, Ram Tah, Liz Ryder

Historical research of Thargoids and Guardians is pointing out the fact that there is plausible hybrid technology used in previous wars against alien species. The Black OP's and INRA were testing these hybrid systems in the Rift as a fact just to hide the testing to begin with. They surely destroyed Soontil because they wanted to prevent this technology from spreading to common use.

Ben Ryder stole alien based Power Plant, Power Distributor and FSD Booster from one of the ships in Tionisla System. This ship was floating in the ship graveyard. These systems were not alike common technology. The features and knowledge point out that they were Guardian Technology. - This is reason why we ask people to throw all sorts of technology testing at Guardian sites as well. They might unlock information from technology we present them.

This points out that Ben Ryder was after Hybrid systems which combined Thargoid and Guardian Technology into one functional combination. Liz Ryder should join the meeting in order to reveal her knowledge of the past. I do know Ben Ryder used the portal to escape from Allied Police force. The current location of the portal is unknown but it is a clear fact that Dark Wheel was protecting it and moved it to a new location.

We believe that Raxxlans have transported their Coriolis space station to Milky-way and are keeping eye on us. This is why we urge Ram Tah to Visit Professor Palin and Liz Ryder in a meeting.

Thargoids may not be the major enemies we will face in the future. We know Dark Wheel broke the Alliance with Raxxlans with the Generation ship which entered Raxxlan territory. I do not know what Raxxlans think about the war that happened in the "Galaxy 9" aka Andromeda, but I can assure that it is the reason why we lost our ports to transport our ships to other galaxies. As in fact we have been fed a ton of propaganda to hide this fact from us.

Therefore, In order to calculate the truth we must combine our engineering skills in a meeting and find the exact solution. This mission most likely will face opposing forces from those who think Thargoids are Gods. This mission must be done in complete silence. Yes, we know this message is send to public channel. We know that this information will send your powers to find us... But we face a lot more sinister situation after the Thargoids been set to bay.

We are going to face a hybrid war where our enemies are not only based on only lifeforms. Hacking of our AI system has already began... We believe that Raxxlans Reptile Forces are behind this.

You must note that all ships that have a reptile in their name are originally Raxxlan Design. Therefore they have this option to fly around us without being noticed. - We need a scanner to check pilots.

Elite Black OP's
- Roen Soul
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