Request: simple red velvet curtain

Hi there. New player here (bought PC after getting into PZ!) so a bit late to the party, but I'm working on a "Twin Peaks" dark ride for a bit of fun. Trying to do most things from scratch as learning experience but borrowing bits and bobs from the workshop.

One thing I just cannot find is a simple red velvet curtain to recreate the iconic Black Lodge (see pic attached). I feel like the item must exist in the workshop as it seems so basic, but I really can't find it! Have searched curtains, drapes, theatre, fabric, etc... I had a go at recolouring Arti(?)'s corrugated iron but it's really not the right texture (awesome set tho). I tried using the animated haunted house curtains set to stationary and overlapped, but because of the trim at the top I couldn't get any height. Does anyone know of a tiling, rippled, fabric-type (ideally matt rather than glossy) surface that would work for this? Or any suggestions on recreating it in-game? It may be I've just missed an obvious keyword for searching!

I know I could just use images on flat panels (that's what I've done for the chevron floor) but a 3D ripple would be much cooler.

Cheers :)


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(When I said "from scratch" by the way, I meant using PC assets or small building blocks from the workshop.. I have no 3D design experience at all!)
No it's coincidental, i like Twin Peaks, but this is unrelated. I wanted to make these for stage curtains and ride decorations.
Well, i'm pretty far with the LOD models already, and i pulled it to the front of my 'production line'
so it could happen by Friday. There's a whole Set of them so it might take a while until they are all online. :)
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