Request to Bring Back Old Screams/Cheers when Guests Ride Roller Coasters

I'm not sure how long ago it was, but I noticed that in an update that was released several months ago (I think it was quite big), guests now don't scream as much on roller coasters, giving me the idea that they aren't as excited on roller coasters, even if the excitement, intensity, and nausea ratings are all REALLY good. Did Frontier explain this subtle change back then, or was there a problem with the audio of the screams, forcing Frontier to automatically lower the number of screams/cheers heard while riding roller coasters? I've noticed that some of the thrill rides still keep some of the excitement of people screaming, but even then I noticed many rides received the same lowering of screams heard on thrill rides, as well. Personally, I enjoyed hearing the many shrieks and happiness emanating from all my guests on each coaster I build and was hoping a future update would at least partially restore some of the excitement brought from the screams/shrieks when guests are on roller coasters and thrill rides!
This problem was adressed here and on multiple threads in the old and new bug forums. Sadly, there has never been a single word by Frontier about this.
The sound mixing changed quite a lot during PlanCos life cycle.

In the beginning we had the over-abundance of riders doing the shock/ducking "whaa!"-scream in unison, which was then being changed after the problem was made discussed in the old bug forum.

Then we had the very loud, but still enjoyable and lively "Whooooo!" that peeps would utter during moments of "airtime" on a coaster.
It was not very realistic, but much preferred to the graveyard that the game turned into at the beginning of this year.
The sound mixing has become so bad and annoying now, that I prefer plaing the game on mute.
Peeps only utter short, abrasive screams that sound more like abused squirrels than people who enjoy themselves on a ride.
I also noticed changes in peep-behaviour on rides.

In the past peeps would be quite lively while on the lift. They would look around and chat with each other.
This has now been changed to "zombie-mode", the lifeless state peeps would sink in on brake-runs and on the return into the station.
They only "awake" from that state halfway down a drop, which is also super annoying. Peeps are almost oblivious to the most "exciting" parts of a ride.
Then they continue to throw their arms up for half a second and scream their horrible little screams.
It´s such a sad thing to hear!
Sadly there has been no acknowledgement to this behaviour here or on the official bug forum.
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