Requesting assistance finding volcanoes on a moon

Hi commanders,

I've found a very beautiful and rare sight in the EORLD GRIE nebula; a volcanic moon orbiting very closely to a massive molten planet.

With iron magma present, this would be an excellent point of interest to visit, however i've had no luck in discovering volcanoes yet.

I'm looking to see if I can enlist any commanders to help me in the search, as this is a quite rare opportunity that I don't want to pass up.
I'd also only like to search for volcanoes in areas with a clear angle on the planet, for photographic opportunity.

The system is roughly 6000 lightyears northwest of Sagittarius A*, 12500 lightyears northeast of Colonia, so if anyone's in the north Core area and want to help, the planet is in system PZ-O E6-1206.
I would like to submit any site found to EDSM, so contact me afterward to record the collaboration :)

EDIT: one was found at 62.3363, 91.8201, so i suppose this post is unnecessary :)

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