Requesting Tourist Beacon Data! Need Your Help Commanders!


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Start you off on a really exciting one... It's got one of those new fangled outdoor worlds.

Beacon No. 0333
Location: Gui Xian
Name: Gui Xian Visitor Beacon?

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Will you you make an indexed list in the OP so it will easier to see which one that has been recorded and not?

Beacon no: 0477
Location: TSU
Name: TSU Visitor Beacon

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Beacon: 0129
Location: Conversion, Achenar
Name: War with the Federation

Beacon: 0131
Location: Capitol, Achenar
Name: Hall of Martyrs

Beacon: 0151
Location: Yamaha's Grave, Achenar (Planetary)
Name: Hengist's Ascension

Beacon: 0160
Location: Capitol, Achenar
Name: Imperial Palace

There's also a Origins of the Empire Beacon there but it produces no text. Not sure if I should report that one.
Thank you everyone for your submissions!

CookieJarvis has updated the OP with the spreadsheet where we are recording the Tourist Beacon information, here:

In addition, the Imgur album of snipped messages from the tourist beacons can be found here, in numerical order:

If for some reason you feel uncomfortable with having your images hosted here, please let me know.

On the spreadsheet, there are a number of incomplete tourist beacons. These have been collected from Tourist missions offered at stations. Feel free to visit any of these if you like! The ones furthest from the bubble are definitely the most troublesome, but I'll eventually get around to anything that isn't submitted through this thread.

Thanks again!
Since the servers are coming down I might as well add a few more:

Beacon No: 0158
Location: Furbaide
Name: Volungu Blight
Picture Of Text:

Beacon No: 0373
Location: HR 7925
Name: HR 7925 Visitor Beacon
Picture Of Text:

Beacon No: 0454
Location: Procyon
Name: Procyon Visitor Beacon
Picture Of Text:

Beacon No: 0497
Location: Yaque
Name: Yaque Visitor Beacon
Picture Of Text:

This is how I stored it:
System name
Planet name
Beacon name

Vamm A 3
Vamm Visitor Beacon.
A Binary Pair of water worlds is a rare treasure, and these have boosted the system's tourism economy. Part of that success is driven by the locals highlighting the differences between both worlds, and so compelling tourists to visit both.

Hofada 6
Hofada Visitor Beacon
The terraformed outdoor world is the main cause for tourism in this system, but the outermost gas giant also has its fans.

Agastani A 9
Agastani Visitor Beacon
Ammonia worlds are relatively rare in colonized space, and this pristine example provides one of many attractions for this star system.

Ackwada Discovery
The official discovery of this system and its habitable planet is nowadays accredited to Augustus Brequith, although the Rockforth Corporation claim the land deeds and development rights to the system. Thirty nine years after the Corporation declared the system its own; an ancient message capsule (a common way for sending messages at the time) was recovered from outside the orbit of Jupiter in the Sol System.

The discovery aroused considerable interest amongst archaeologists on Earth at the time and while the capsule was in transit to New Delhi University there was a heated debate as to whether the artefact should be opened or not. When the capsule was studied, the seal was seen to be broken, so the matter was resolved. Inside the capsule was a message crystal with the log of the second five years of Augustus Brenqulth's solitary search for new worlds, his 'glittering legacy', included in the list of planetary systems he had stumbled upon was that of Ackwada.

Thompson's Planet
Rockforth Corporation Founding
The Rockforth Corporation was founded by Ackwada by the Rockforth family in 2673, the family that first settled the world.

The Rockforth Corporation began by running Ackwada, earning significant foreign exchange from tourism and 'genuine ground-grown food' which it sold far and wide, making very significant revenues. It has since grown into a powerful interstellar corporation, still specializing in agriculture and tourism, with the corporation running giant corporate farms on habitable worlds across especially Federal human space. It has also become quite acquisitive, buying up many of its client companies.

Thompson's Planet
Lanner's Privateers
In 2865, a request from the Rockforth Corporation reached the Emperor for assistance in the Ackwada system against the Federation. At the promise of substantial financial reward a battlegroup was assembled to respond.

Officially, the appointed leader of this flotilla, one Samuel Lanner, was an independent trader and privateer.

The clask between the Federation and Lanner's forces remained limited and the Federal fleet withdrew to Laveack. The Rockforth Corporation paid up as promised and signed a contract with Lanner's privateers to guarantee the defence of the system.

Thompson's Planet
The Dien W'rit Estate
In the early part of 3241, Dien W'rit, a powerful interstellar entrepreneur, died in unusual circumstances while on holiday in Yorksville, Thompson's planet (Ackwada). The matter was complicated when it was revealed that he had died leaving behind a recently modified Last Will and Testament which made Thompson Thompson, CEO of the Rockforth Corporation, sole heir to the entire W'rit estate. The W'rit familly alleged corruption, though they had no evidence other than the fact of the change in the will.

Then, in July 3251, there was a terrorist attack, launched from unidentified starships, which attacked one of the headquarter buildings in Yorksville. A Federal Senator, several Imperial barristers, and many Rockforth legal staff were killed, but none of the W'rit family, who had left on a trip to see the local wildlife.

The case was dropped, but the attackers were never found. However, in 3273, several members of the W'rit family were present during an explosion at an Agricultural facility on Altair.

Thompson's Planet
Lanner's Victory
Seven years later, in 2872 the fleet returned. A clash with Lanner's forces resulted in a stalemate. Using Anaconda transports and Cobra Mark I's, Lanner was able to outmanoeuvre the larger Federal battlegroup, forcing another retreat. In 2873, Lanner was summoned back to Achenar. Records indicate he departed from Ackwada, but he was never heard from again. A memorial stone was erected in the Hall of Martyrs in his honour.

Peter's Eden
Church of kum-Byar
The Church of Kum-Byar is a zealot faith in the Arexack system. A civil war between two sects of the church raged for more than one hundred years before an uneasy truce was called in 3261. The religious values of the church are austerity and the removal of all body hair.

Peter's Eden
The Comming of Kum Byar
In 3126, the Federal media's attention turned to the Arexack system. Zack Blackmean the interstellar celebrity socialite and playboy staged a holoprojected light show in the system, called 'The Comming of Kum Byar'. Tens of millions of Federal citizens watched as the naive monks of the hermit like settlement were taken in by the spectacle and led to believe they would be prevented from 'ascending to the Highest Level of Paradise', owing to the 'displeasing shave' of their leader His Magnificence the Right Holly Ssord Rettu III. The comic farce quickly became serious when Rettu's acolytes assassinated him live on interstellar television and the system descended into a violent, religious, civil war.

Vish 2
Vish Visitor Beacon
The life found on this water world attracts many visitors interested in exploring life's diversity.

Xbalamana A 5
Xbalamana Visitor Beacon
This world is in the process of being terraformed, and such worlds are a magnet for certain hollidaymakers who love to see such planet-scale engineering in progress.

COl 285 Sector RF-C B14-7
COl 285 Sector RF-C B14-7 B 1
Hot Jupiter
This is a destination for tourists happy to experience some real heat! This example of a hot jupiter was suggested by Commander Raumfahrer Spiff, and pilots are warned to keep an eye on their hull temperature when in this area.

HR 5529
HR 5529 5
HR 5529 Visitor Beacon
Water worlds are often a boon for a system's tourism economy, and some of the spectacular marine life on this world make it more attractive than most.

Gliese 105.2
Gliese 105.2 5
Gliese 105.2 Visitor Beacon
Binary Planets are always a popular tourist destination, and this one contains a life bearing water world. It's one of two habitable planets in the system.
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