Required qulaity of life improvements.

Though maybe mentioned before in a post, but would be nice to see these sooner rather than later...

Camera suite presets are badly needed, so boring and more Annoying to keep having to reset to a good angle alllllll the time....

Ship kits, can please have a way of using both ships kits and raider kits together, this would at least increase purchase profits don't you think.

Also ship kits that you can choose more than one bumper per section, as ship kits are becoming better so why cant we have two bumpers that we can add now after all we are purchasing them, and we are talking mostly about the bumpers that don't conflict within the space etc you know what I mean, so bumpers have some nice choices however you have to pick one or the other when clearly there is room for both I think its time to change this...[yesnod][yesnod][yesnod].

DEvs please have these quality of life improvements. ta.[smile][smile][smile][smile]:D
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