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For some of us who havent played the game in awhile have decided to return to check things out - especially with Zoo being out making me want to return to this.

I really want the option to reset my career to start all over again. But there appears to be no way to do this. I have done plenty of google searches and come across some details about deleting a userid/steamID folder that resets the career but cant find links on any how to for this. The old links no longer work that link to it.

I have, of course, just re-installed the game to check it out. So uninstalling is not a solution.


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Planet Coaster’s Campaign progress is saved in a file in this folder:
"%userprofile%\Saved Games\Frontier Developments\Planet Coaster\12345678901234567\Saves\uniqsave_player-"

Replace the number with your own Steam ID.

Renaming or deleting this folder will cause the game to generate a new folder, thereby resetting your campaign progress and resetting your avatar.
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