Resources for finding CMDR hotspots

Hello CMDRs.

I was wondering what resources CMDRs (I assume PvPers) use in ED to locate areas of high likelihood of player activity.

Apart from visiting the obvious: CG systems, Deciat & Shinrarta.

I sometimes use INARA to view the systems that have had the most traffic - although it seems that they have removed the conflict zone feature that showed the ones with the highest # of CMDRs.

I'm also aware of the Commanders Map on EDSM - but this can be hard to probe at the lower levels to see the exact systems that have high activity.

What other resources are available?? :)
Beside the CG, and systems you mentioned, some of the powerplay capitals have decent traffic, especially on Monday as there is a recurrent Powerplay brawl between Feds and Imperial (Nanoman).

Also, on Inara's homepage you can see a security report like this:


Finally, if you are on the lawful side, you can also check my plugin called ED Recon and The Citadel.
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Thanks for the tips CMDRs.

I'm just a few months into playing the game, so haven't built up a huge friend list yet … will keep an eye on that security report on INARA, and check out those plug-ins @LeKeno
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